Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ten months = 304 days

Charlie - You have been alive now 304 days.  That's how many days from your arrival into this world on July 31, 2012 and your 10 month "birthday", May 31, 2013.  It's so crazy because you were just so tiny and helpless and sleepy on that day.  And boy and boy have you changed.  You are like a kid now, just 10 months later and it's has been such a blessing to be your mom for the last 304 days little man.  Seeing you can literally instantly make me in a better mood.  You are changing daily and you continue to amaze me with all the things and ways you are learning - it's fascinating!!!

And guess what?  This month I took your picture a day before your 10 month mark AND am blogging about it just a day after.  Yes sir, we're on top of things this month.  And it was so nice because you didn't let me get very many pictures, but the ones you did were pretty cute.  It's crazy to me that you just sit there now and snuggle with the bear.  It cracks me up because he "lives" in our guest room and if you are in that room in the morning, you crawl over to him and hug him.  It's pretty sweet.

You didn't last long though because guess what?  You have got other things to do.  Haha.  Of course you do.  Like torment the dogs, which happens to be one of your new favorite things.  Since you're FAST, you crawl after them and they do not like that.  Which makes me nervous that they will snip at you!  However, you don't seem to quite understand the meaning of a "soft pet" - more like a fast and hard slap.  Someday you'll understand, right?  Until then, Milly will keep running away from you with the look of complete horror on her face and Willy and Toby will endure your wrath.

I have no idea how much you weigh or if you gained weight from your 9 month check up.  I'm guessing you're about 20 lbs or like 21 now.  You just move so much, I'm guessing you're not packing on the pounds like before.  And you are so long!!  It's crazy!!  I love it!

  • Still have those 6 teeth and they are big.  You smile with them and show them off and you crunch your food with them.  So useful!!  I thought you were getting some more teeth a few weeks ago because you were running a fever, but I cannot see any new ones!!!  I think these make you look older than you are!
  • We have gone from just crawling to now speed crawling and forever pulling up/standing up on things.  You really like to "cruise".  Our new family room set up is ideal because you can just cruise along the couches and tables and then you turn around and come back.  I'm really not sure how I feel about this stage.  I think I'm finally starting to like it better after I broke down and paid a ridiculous amount of money for some StrideRide shoes to help you with walking when you pull up.  So much better.  Because those pesky socks you were wearing always made you fall.  Which that started at day care and just kept happening until these shoes.  Magic shoes?  Maybe!! Who knows when you'll start walking!!  Scary and crazy!
  • In addition to always liking to pull and stand up, you had your first standing balancing session this month.  You were standing up playing on your new activity table (which you treat like a walker instead) and you just stood there.  No hands or anything.  You seems very pleased with yourself after the fact!
  • Ms Tamala talks about it all the time how much she's going to cry when you go to the one year old room "this summer".  OMG - you are going to be one this summer.  And it's summer already.  Where did the time go?   I have a feeling Ms Tamala won't be the only one crying when it's time for you to move rooms.
  • You're down to 3 bottles a day at school and nursing in the morning and at night (yep, still nursing little man - wahoo!!).  We give you a sippy cup at meals too and you're still working on it.  Not a huge fan (why would you be with bottles and boobs still?) yet, but we'll get there little man!  I am starting to wind down on nursing and pumping a little less at work.  You are still good at it for now, but get VERY distracted when nursing, so sometimes it's a little frustrating (for both of us)!
  • Favorite food this month? Well - I introduced you to my favorite summer fruit, watermelon and you love it.  You just get really messy eating it! Oh - and you are obsessed with spaghetti.  Your first time eating it, half of it ended up on your face, but it was a hit.
  • Speaking of eating, you love to give your food to the dogs if you don't eat it.  You are WELL aware of the fact dropping food on the floor is not ok...but you look at us and laugh about it  and still feed the dogs.  Seriously?!
  • Sleeping around  10-11 hours a night with 2 naps usually.  You have gotten a lot worse napping at daycare.   Which is weird because you've usually been a good and scheduled napper at least at home.  Apparently you get about a 30 minute nap at school.  For real?  No wonder you want to go to bed so early!  On the weekends you usually got 1.5 in the morning and afternoon.  What a life, right?!
  • All of your PJs are 18 months and don't have footsies in them because you are so tall.  The 4 new pjs that dad bought you are so cute!!  This helps with the summer months coming and a warmer room.  For clothes, it ranges from 9-18 month sizes, depending on what brand it is.
  • Size 3 diapers still!

The month of May was pretty exciting for our family again.  Mom officially transitioned out of her terms job at Hallmark and dad was working on transitioning to his new job, mom finished a crazy semester of grad school and now we have decided to sell our house (AH! another time for that), so things in this next month will probably be equally as nuts. You just seem to roll with the punches.  If you don't nap or we are not at home, you are great napping in the car and eating in the car.  It's so awesome that you're flexible.  You have been hanging out lots with Bo and Bennett, but we need some time with Jackson, Noah, Arden, Bowen, James, and Brodie!!!

I seriously cannot believe that you are 10 months old already.  I know they say time flies, but it does.  So even though some nights I think I'm nuts of rocking you to sleep, I do it anyway.  If you will cuddle with me and fall asleep in my arms, I am thankful for those moments because our snuggle sessions cannot and won't last forever.   It's already time to start thinking just how we are going to celebrate your first birthday party too!!!

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