Thursday, July 4, 2013

11 months - how did this happen?

I think I'm in denial.  Earlier this week - Charlie was 11 months old.  Like he's been alive a month longer than he spent cooking inside me.  That's a big accomplishment I would say in his short life so far.  Mainly that we all survived and have a healthy, happy 11 month old that pretty much cracks us up every day and makes us realize more and more what this life on Earth is all about.  Family, love, laughs and watching your sweet babies grow up.

Here are some of his 11 month pictures with the bear.  Hard to believe we only have one more of these.

But you cannot keep him in one place for very long. 

Still no idea on how much you weigh or how tall you are.  What I do know is that you eat ALL the time.  Like there is no food that I have put in front of you that you haven't liked.  I mean yes, at times you spit stuff out, but for the most part - you are happy to stick anything in your mouth.  Sometimes you ingest it and sometimes you stick your tongue out and it goes spraying out.  Oh you.

  • This month you got 2 more teeth - so you are up to 8 now. 4 on bottom and 4 on top.  I forgot how not fun teething is.  Poor guy.  Waking up in the middle of the night crying.  I caved a few times and got up and held you at night.  I pretended you were a little baby.
  • You stand up now - just like a big kid.  You take a few steps.  Then you plop back down.  It's so crazy to see you regularly from that vantage point.  You do this hilarious thing when you go from sitting to a half squat to standing up.  And you are so proud of yourself.  When you plop back down it's funny because you give a look like "yeah, I'm sick of standing"
  • You have those teachers at school wrapped around your sweet little finger.  Case in point?  I was dropping you off the other day and you were the first kid in your classroom and they had the backdoor opened up to the playground just to bring in the cool air.  You made it very clear you wanted to go outside.  Ms Tamala said you couldn't now, but you would later (I was just standing there filling out your daily sheet) and you stood up, looked at her, got your sad/pouty lip and started bawling.  And what did she do?  Took you outside.  Seriously child.
  • You take a bottle only once a day at day care now and drink breastmilk from a cup the other 2 times. Just like a big kid.  It's so crazy.  We are still nursing once in the morning and once and night and then I am down to pumping once a day at work.  But good news for me that my supply has gone down a bit, so I'm more in tune with how much milk you drink and don't wake up in pain.  wahoo!  Finally after 11 months.  We are still not ready to give up nursing.  And I keep thanking myself everyday that we have been so lucky to have this experience for 11 months. So weird to think you will just have cups of milk in just a month.
  • You now pretty much eat anything we eat.  However, you are not a fan of broccoli.  I always try to sneak it in and you catch me.  You win some and you lose some.  
  • You also still want to give anything you don't want to the dogs.  That means they have to now go outside when you eat.  Rough life those dogs.
  • You slept the most at night this month that you ever had.  One night you were out by 7PM and I had to wake you up at 6:45AM.  Wowza.  Not a peep in between.  Most nights you stay asleep about 10.5-11.5 hours.  It's so nice, but also sad that you go to sleep so early!  I feel like half the time I'm with you, you are sleeping.  Guess that is what the weekends are for - which is why I soak them in!
  • Shorts and a t-shirt are your go to attire.  Most are 12 month shorts (18 months are too big for your small waist), but you can wear 18 month shirts.  Most though are 12 months.  So right on track I guess.
  • Size 3 diapers still your size of choice.  And you still move around non-stop when you get your diaper changed, making it near impossible to change you!!

Other big news this month?  Well, we sold our house.  The house you came home in and you spent your first year in.  I'm excited, but sad at the same time.  Especially because you will never remember anything about it.  But I will.  I am savoring every moment we have left in this house together.  And even though there are some things I won't miss, we truly made this our home and you sealed that deal, Charlie.  Spending just a year of your life here, Prairie Village will always have a special place in your (and our) hearts.  Since we are moving to a new neighborhood, we will sure miss our morning walks on the tree lined streets and will be taking advantage of those as much as we can!! But this new house - I know that we will make it home and start making some great memories in it right away.

Your birthday party invites are out and we are going to rock it out one more time in our old house.  I cannot wait.  So many things to celebrate and they revolve around my sweet baby boy!!

Hands down the best 11 months of my life.  I look at you every day thankful that I was blessed to be your mom and hear your laugh, console you when you cry...and hear the sweet sound of "mama" come from your lips.

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  1. That last picture just cracks me up! What a goof! And I'm with you…time is FLYING...

  2. That last picture is just the best! Gah, 12 months is right around the corner mama! Why do they grow up so fast? It's so heartbreaking, but it does get more fun every month.