Thursday, July 18, 2013

Transitions and Life at the Y

Transition.  Change. 

Those are 2 words that are hitting hard right now with the Carter family.  In ALL aspects of life.

We moved all our stuff into a storage unit last Saturday and it was bittersweet.  And for sure could not have been done without the amazing help of Jimmy's brothers.  They are amazing.  Got all our furniture and lots of boxes into a UHaul and then into a storage until in 3.5 hours - just in time to enjoy beer and lunch on the Maloney's patio.  I went back over to our house Tuesday morning waiting for a window guy and it was crazy.  It didn't even feel like our house.  That goes to show you I guess that your stuff, your pictures, your mess really makes it a home.

So we are shacking up with my parents and it's been great so far, but we're all transitioning.  Charlie is getting used to sleeping in the office just across the hall from my old room in the basement.  We're {happily} getting used to having my parents and my cousin around.  And we are loving the meals together as a family.  Plus having an extra 3 people to hang out with Charlie means more time to get work done.  Which is NOT so fun, but life I guess.  The dogs are transitioning too, but let's be honest, they love the extra attention.

We are also getting ready to transition to having a ONE year old.  Seriously?  It cannot be true.

But what's crazy is, he's starting to look and act so much older everyday.  Jimmy and I were talking about how he's getting an attitude last night and I'm re-thinking the way I "parent" and do things because I know that he understands things a lot better now - particularly what he should and shouldn't be doing.  Like I cannot laugh when he throws his sippy cup down like 4 times and says "uh oh".  That gets a firm - "NO" and the sippy cup goes away. 

Oh discipline or our somewhat attempt at {sigh}

And finally - Charlie is getting ready to transition from the infant room to the ONE YEAR OLD room at school.  Wowza.  That's pretty crazy.  We have to walk through the one year old room to get to the infant room everyday, so we know the teachers and kids and parents in there - but it's going to be weird to have him in there.  You know, doing "kid" things like coloring, gluing construction paper and other fun activities.  I think I still think of him as a kid that just is content laying in my arms.  

But no, he's ready to explore the world.  Wanting to walk/run everywhere with his hands straight up in the air.  Boy on a mission {I almost typed "baby on a mission"...nope}

With this move, he goes from 2 naps a day to one.  Just one - and I'm hoping that it's long!!!  I'm sure during his transition, he's going to be beat tired, so we all have to learn our new way.  He also goes from napping in a crib to napping on a cot.  Seriously.  Now tell me that is not a big kid.

It's crazy.

But he's growing up.  Things are changing.  We are finding a new place we'll call home.

But in the mean time - I'm going to keep holding him close as long as he'll let me.  And pretend he's not turning one in a week and a half and it will be HIS birthday party.  

So with all this change, it was so fun to get the disposable camera that we took to the YMCA on his first day of school there back.  Hilarious because (a) didn't even know you coudl still buy these and (b) didn't know who developed them.

Apparently CVS does not develop them - but Walgreens does.  And guess what?  I laughed when they asked me if I wanted "singles, doubles...or a CD".  I kept thinking how different the world has become in that sense!!   

But here are the 24 daycare pictures that they took.  It's crazy how much Charlie has changed since he first started there in February.  Was so freaking little!!!

Just hanging out with all his friends! Haha!

It's good to know that he drops his food on the floor when he's done eating at school too.  Not just a bad habit at home.

Love his little high chair!  He literally goes right to that when we get there in the morning because he's so excited for breakfast!

Charlie and Ms Tamala.  She started tearing up this week when we were talking about Charlie moving to the one year old room.  She love him so much and it's so amazing!

Worn out and napping on the floor - haha.

He comes home with sand in his shoes on a regular basis!

Loves the playground so much!!

Big kid loving summertime!

And he goes from sitting to standing - all in 6 months!

I will say it was exciting to knwo that they were taking pictures but not see them until the end.  It's been fun to look back and see his progression.  Such a little boy now.  

With every transition and every change, comes good and bad.  We're trying to embrace the good things fully and not be afraid of the changing and unknowns (so not really bad).  From a new home to a new classroom to other new things on the horizon..we are soaking all these times in the best we can!!

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  1. Love that you gave your daycare a camera! What a good idea and how fun to finally "develop" the pictures! :)