Friday, July 12, 2013

Five on Friday

It's Friday - and this week just flew by.  Again, too much to do and not enough time, but still linking up with Darci and friends for this fun link up.  Ali, you sent me and email this week asking me if I feel like some days it is just an accomplishment to make it through the day with how much we have going on right now.  Yes.  Every day.  I literally breathe a sigh of relief that we all survived, are all healthy and I didn't have a nervous breakdown.  I'm trying to make it a little more calm in our lives, but I don't think there is a shot of that until we are moved.  Counting down the days.

With that said, less complaining and more random things, right?  


We are packing up and moving out.  Yep, tomorrow is the day that Jimmy's brothers are coming over to help get the big stuff in our house in a truck and into a storage unit.  I feel like things have been so busy with work and packing and having a kid that is everywhere that we haven't really had time to relish in our last days at our house.  

I'm getting super sentimental about it too.  So watch out.  

We were sitting downstairs watching TV while I was working Monday night and I asked Jimmy if he was sad this was our last time that we would probably sit down here hanging out together.  In our first house.  He said he wasn't sad, but excited for our new house.  Typical guy, right?  I was and am sad - maybe more reflective and thankful then sad.  I kept thinking "But this is where you were sitting when I told you I was pregnant", "this is where we had our first Christmas together as a family of five", etc.  I won't bore you with all my sappy thoughts.  

But it's getting so real now.  I cannot imagine driving by this house and not pulling into the driveway that we repaved, opening the garage door that we replaced, going through the mud room that we built, walking on the carpet in the family room that I picked out to be extra padded for my baby on the way, up the stairs to the kitchen that we redid and up the hardwood stairs that were under the carpet that we ripped up with the stain that we picked out and into my sweet Charlie's nursery that I spent so much time decorating and preparing for his arrival.

Bittersweet is what it is.


Ok, so that was hot and heavy.  Sorry.  On a lighter note - this has to be my new favorite app:  

It is SO cool.  I love that you can essentially make cards right on your phone and then send them instantly to people via text message or email.  I love it so much.  Have used it a few times this past week for little "thank you" notes following some fun times.  Here is one I sent to Jimmy's parents after we were over at their house on Saturday night! Check it out!


Here's the thing.  My baby doesn't so much look like a baby anymore now that his main choice of mobility is on his 2 feet.  It's exciting, crazy and frightening all at the same time...

Watch out never know when Charlie will come your way.


Ok, so we love Charlie's school/day care.  They have just been the greatest and we love his teachers and it's so sad that when he turns one he moves to the one year old room because he just loves the infant room.  But here is what is fun - I love now that he is older and interacts with all these kids how they are already developing friendships...or crushes!  Haha.

This cute girl that's probably 9 or 10 months older then Charlie that is in the one year old room was saying "Hi Charlie" over and over again in her sweet little voice when we walked in one day with him.  Her mom and I laughed and laughed because seriously she wouldn't stop saying it and it was so cute.

The same girl that afternoon when we came to pick him up, immediately sees us and goes "Charlie, Charlie, Charlie" and started pointing to where he was.  So cute and man she's smart - I couldn't believe she knew that we went with him.  Pretty adorable.  And I was starting to think she might have a thing for our little man.

Then the NEXT day a different little girl in the one year old room was literaly standing at the half door that separates the one year old room and the infant room crying and saying "I want to see Charlie" over and over again when we got there.  OMG - I died.  How cute is that?!  He was over there and I guess she really wanted to see him.  Turns out, we let her walk over there with us and I think she was just really wanting the bubbles that he and his teacher were blowing, but still.  Pretty adorable!!

Speaking of adorable and because I wanted a picture - this is Charlie sporting his trunks and swim shirt on the third splash day of the summer.  Pretty cool because all the kids go outside for it and play with water.  Pretty much he loves it. 




Yep - in all this craziness of moving, we are heading off to Branson with Jimmy's family for our annual lake trip.  Last year we didn't go because a certain someone was making his debut into the world and went to Omaha instead...but this year, we are picking right back up.  Can't wait for some happy hours, pool time, boat time and Silver Dollar City.  I'm pumped that Charlie is starting to walk because that will hopefully make for a few more things he can do at SDC this year.


Maybe a ball pit and a few kiddie rides?  Can't wait to hang out and not have to think about work, moving, etc.  Now in the mean time, have to get packed for that since we're packing up our clothes....

Excited to also be checking out a new attraction this year...Dixie Stampede.

Apparently you get a whole chicken to eat and no silverware while you enjoy the show.  Interesting!!
 Hope you all are having a great Friday!!!!

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  1. We're moving too and I haven't gotten sad yet but I know it's coming. This was the start of many, many happy things. Found you through the link up.

  2. Charlie sounds like quite the ladies man! Although I'm not surprised with his good looks and charming smile... :)

  3. Oh my gosh, Dixie Stampede is AWESOME!!! and moving may be chaotic, but it's kinda like giving birth, once it's over you forget how crazy it was :)

    on a random note, when we moved from our first house i was totally sentimental as well, so I ordered a pencil sketch of it from etsy to frame and I love it!

  4. Brian had the same reaction as Jimmy when I asked him about leaving our house! These Boys. Good luck with the move and temporary stay at the rents. It will all be worth it:).