Friday, July 5, 2013

Five on Friday on July fifth!

Linking up late with Darci and friends, but I'm happy to be relaxing and blogging tonight after a fun couple of days following a great holiday weekend!!  Hope you and yours had a great fourth of July too!!


Everywhere.  That is exactly where Charlie is these days.  And you cannot stop him.

He goes from sitting to squatting to standing to taking steps with zero effort.  It's crazy.  And he's ornery as ever will be.  AKA toilets, toothbrushes and stairs seem to be his favorite things.

Not to mention, he torments our dogs.  I have to admit, it's pretty crazy fun.


So we are buying our dream house.  I'm in love with it and don't want to leave it every time we go.  We went on Wednesday for inspections and I was pretty nervous because I still feel like this whole house is a big joke because it is so perfect for us, such a great price and was just such a random find.  But the inspection went good (nothing major...which is good since it's a foreclosure, so if there was either we would have to fix it or walk away) and I again didn't want to leave.  Charlie and I went to play in the master bedroom closet before we left.  Because I really cannot believe this is a closet.  It's sick because it's like the size of our current bedroom.  Stupid.  But awesome.  It's going to be pretty empty for a while because we have been pretty good about donating clothes when we buy new stuff because our closet space is so limited.  That is one good thing about small closets!!

Anyone want to give me some purses?  Looks like I have storage for them now...

With a built in dresser, what do you do with your normal dressers!??!  


My boys are just the best.  And a long holiday weekend was just what we needed.  While we are doing some packing as well, we have had some fun times already with Thursday and Friday off work.  

And their July 4th shirts?  I die.

We did make it out to Village Fest (a festival that Prairie Village has every July 4th) after four summers of living in PV.  It was so fun and something we will have to come back to even after we move to Olathe.  Perfect for a kid Charlie's age next summer.  This summer he was a little too small for some of the activities, but next summer - I will make him ride the pony!  Ha!


Sporting KC game!!

My friend and old roommate, Lauren, and her hubs invited us out to the Sporting KC game on Wednesday my mom came over and hung out with Charlie, while we went to dinner and the game with them.  Neither Jimmy or I had been before, so it was pretty fun.  The weather was CRAZY earlier that day with some thunderstorms and hail, but it was a perfect night.  And I had my FIRST caffeinated beverage in 11 months.  That might have been the best part....

Lauren & I after the game (ended in a tie)


Sentimental.  My little man is now past the 11 month mark and I am getting super sappy and sentimental about it.  I was watching Guiliana and Bill on TV when I was packing today and it was the episode where their son was born - he's just a few weeks younger than Charlie.  And I literally sat there watching the TV and cried my eyes out.  Remembering July 31, 2012 and all the emotions of bringing my sweet little boy into the world.  Thinking about how much has changed and how he's grown so fast.   

It's crazy.  With just under a month left until his birthday - I'm a wreck already.

Um...he's grown SO much!!!!

I'm looking forward to a couple more days at home attempting to clean up our moving crazy house and spending time with my sweet little family.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment! I'm swooning over that closet!!! That's amazing! Your little Charlie is such a cutie and yes...that first birthday is very sentimental....have the tissues ready!