Friday, August 23, 2013

Finally it is FRIDAY!

How about this??  I'm happy that we all survived this week!!  I'm looking forward to January so much and it's only the first week of school.  I just need to keep reminding myself that I now have *fifteen* weeks of school left EVER.  Then life is hopefully back to normal.  We can only hope!


Now this is funny, right?  Or maybe his one year pictures are just jinxed?  He looked like this:

the night before they were originally scheduled.  So I had to call and cancel.

Then when we were trying to reschedule, in between his photographer broke her arm!!  So now we are onto plan #2.  They will still count as "one year" pictures even if he is like one year and one or two months, right?! (please tell me yes!!)


Picture of 48" Pro-Style gas range with griddle and multimode convection JGRP548WP

This baby is getting delivered to our house tomorrow.  Yep - we have been in our house two weeks now and have been without a stove or oven.  We are not crazy, I promise.  But the deal with our house was since it was a foreclosure it didn't have most of the appliances (just a dishwasher).  We knew the opening was BIG (4ft) for the stove, but we figured no big deal to buy a stove.  Well let me tell you why I'm so excited about this.  Because it was essentially as much as a used car to buy.  Apparently a 4ft gas range is not cheap.  We tried our best to find used or dented ones that would work at Sears Outlet...but apparently those don't come along too often.  And let me tell you what - we have made it work eating with our griddle, crockpot, microwave and a single electric burner - but mama cannot wait to have this in my house.  An oven is a big deal!!

Better yet?  Gets delivered tomorrow but not installed until Wednesday, which happens to be my birthday.  Wahoo!  There's my birthday present!!  I cannot wait!


Bye bye trees.

This is what was happening in our backyard.  Wow.  The most work this house needs is all outside.  Needs new grass, new landscaping and less thorn trees in the backyard.  Looks like I need to get to planting some trees.


Why do things like this picture melt my heart? 

A boy and his letters.  Thanks to his Aunt Shellie and Uncle Tim, we have these awesome letters that seem to keep this kid entertained for at least 5 minutes. I'll take it.


Finally - it's a big weekend for the Carter family.  It's Jimmy's parents 40th wedding anniversary!  We have quite the weekend planned with dinner together tonight {at a restaurant even - that doesn't happen too often when your party is 20+} and mass and a party on Saturday.  40 years is crazy long!!  So happy to have them in our lives and a great example of long lasting love and commitment.

Look at this amazing family that they've made.

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Peters

All right - that's my random brain dump for the day!  Happy Friday everyone.

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  1. Hi, coming over from the blog hop!
    Love the family picture! We can never get all of the kids in our family to look that good and smile!! I love big families! TGIF! :)

  2. <3 Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!