Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday!! A long weekend!

What a week!  The good news is that things at work have somewhat slowed down a bit...right when school started.  So good timing.  But school is still school and this is my first semester ever that I have had to go to class more than one night a week.  And it's not two nights a week - it's three.  BLAH.  So we are sucking it up and making it work.  Only 14 weeks left.

I am linking up with Darci and friends for this fun link up.  Keeps me accountable most weeks.


Like father like son they say, right?  Well we did a little photo shoot on Sunday afternoon when Jimmy was out running errands, etc.  Charlie was recovering all weekend from a double ear infection.  So I busted out the camera and he busted out some smiles.

This is a picture I've been meaning to capture for awhile.  Charlie in the same outfit that my mother in law has a picture of all 5 of her boys in that she made.  I died when I compared Charlie's to Jimmy's.  Um - twins??  I really thought he looked more like me, but this picture indicates just the opposite!!


Jimmy's now obsessed with Duck Dynasty.  He watches it all the time.

And because it's on AandE, he found this gem of a show that just premiered.  We watched it last Friday night and it's pretty funny.  All about different dads (single dad, step dad, new dad, veteran dad).  I'm not going to lie, I thought it was pretty funny.  Have you watched??



I turned 28 this week.  Yes I know, 28.  Almost 30, it's crazy.

It was a great birthday and always such a fun event every year when you hear from people that you haven't heard from in awhile via text, facebook, email, card, etc.  Now, I wish we had a wild and crazy celebration, but it was just a normal day - going to work all day and then class at 5:30 that night.  Wahoo.  I guess that's the life of a 28 year old?!  But the fun part?  Getting this range installed in our house on my birthday and coming home to it.  Even though it wasn't my birthday present - it sure felt like it.  Two thumbs up already for the 2 times I have used it since Wednesday (cooking and baking).

And better yet, Charlie likes it too.



Cannot believe fall is here and KSU plays tonight!  Jimmy was already glued to the TV last night watching the first college football games.  We are going to have to make it to a few!

What I'm really dying to make a trip to Manhattan for is some new additions to Aggieville - including Tanner's.  I love me some Tanner's and am very excited it's in Manhattan now!


I'm pretty pumped for a LONG weekend.  And also to celebrate some pretty awesome people.  Can't wait to go to Arden's birthday party and see the Calcara's!!  We miss them.

And then will head to Lawrence to celebrate one of Jimmy's good friends and co-workers get married.  YEAH!  Birthday party and a wedding AND the first sleepover ever for Charlie?  Sounds like a stellar holiday weekend.

Wishing you a great (and long) Labor day weekend!!

PS - I know you are only supposed to have five things - but today is Charlie's last day at his school.  I pulled together so pretty awesome teacher going away presents that I'll share soon - but I made Jimmy take our "last day of school" picture here.  Very bittersweet.  But look how much he's grown up since February!

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  1. That range is beautiful!!! It'd be so great cooking with it!!!

    I stumbled across your blog today on the link-up.

  2. Happy Birthday! I turn the big 30 on Sunday! But I still feel like I'm 21! :) I love heirloom clothes, definitely see the resemblance there! We did that with my daughter and husband, it's crazy how similar they look! But I like to think as she is getting older, she is looking more like her mama! ;)

  3. Oh my, they do look alike! How cute! Also, love the new range! Happy birthday, beautiful!