Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday: Moving

Sorry for an absence, but guess what?  We've been a bit busy.  Working, closing on a house, moving into said house, unpacking boxes, searching for a new day care, finding a new day care, working, getting ready for my final semester of grad school to start on Monday and attempting to enjoy life in between.  I have so many catch up posts to do.  So much has happened.  And this is my journal.  Rather I have anyone following along or not, I do this because I like to look back and see how the years (almost 5 now - which is crazy...) have changed since I started blogging.

Anyway - as I attempt to crawl out of a blogging hole, here are 5 moving/change themed randoms.  Linking up again with Darci and friends!  (do it you know you want to)


So moving.  Wow.  It's a lot of work and I didn't do hardly any of the heavy lifting.

We moved most of our stuff from the storage unit that looks like this:

To in our house...

Thankfully it doesn't still look like this, but there are still boxes.


This house is not lacking in it's cabinet space.  And Charlie freaking loves it.

I will say we have been strategic in placing things within his reach...but baby proofing is in full force.  And Charlie was so cute and wanted to help out.  Love this picture.


Ok so you have to see the adorable present that our wonderful relator, Monica, got us.  What do you think!??!  It's a bird house that is a replica of our new house.  Seriously - we died.  We don't want to put it outside even!!!

She's so funny and great!  Our across the street neighbors (who have a BEAUTIFUL house) have one in their backyard from the previous owners and when we went over to meet them we commented on how fancy it was!  So she said she just thought we had to have one.  It seriously looks exactly the same!!


To go along with the moving theme (not so random....) we got a chance last Sunday morning to check out the neighborhood pool and neighborhood park on our weekend walk.  Charlie approves and was a fan.

Whew.  I was worried he would never forgive us for leaving PV.


When did my child get SO big?!!!  Seriously.

That's it.  So maybe I will have more time to blog next week.  I wish, but I doubt it because school starts Monday!!!  AH!

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