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Carter Family Vacation: 5th annual

Better late then never, right?  Yep - here I am catching up from our Carter family vacation mid-July.  Check out the post from the past ones as well: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 (kind of - just a few pics from Omaha because Charlie was born in July).

I am totally in love with this picture.  My sweet boys...

And it perfectly captures the emotions during our lake vacation with the Carter family! 

We arrived on a Thursday afternoon, after a great stop at Wendy's with the family.  When we arrived, the sister-in-laws headed to Wal-Mart for groceries for the whole family.  Shopping for 22 people for 4 days is always interesting.  Luckily, they were very prepared with a menu and a long list. 

Thursday night, we just had some pizza and tried to relax.  Unfortunately, I had to work a bit, but after little man went to sleep, we all went to bed kind of early.  Friday morning, Charlie was up bright and early and Grana made some delicious breakfast for all of us.  All the big kids headed to Silver Dollar City.  We were pretty sad that we did not choose to go this year - but it was SOOOO hot - like 90 degrees and those asphalt sidewalks do not make it much better and SDC.  So instead of paying a crazy amount for tickets and ending up having to leave early because our little man was overheated (thanks for the recommendation to NOT go, LeighAnne and Andrew), we stayed back and went to the landing instead.  Didn't buy anything, but was fun to walk around and shop!

Proof that we were there - Jimmy was not happy

While all the kids were riding roller coasters and enjoying the park, this mama was back at the condo letting Charlie take his nap while Jimmy and his parents and Bobby and Hillary rented the boat.  We got to hang out with GG (Jimmy's grandma) and it's always so wonderful to have some one-on-one time with her!

Then it was boat time.  And guess what?  He loved it.  The life jacket was a success too!  Who knew?

When everyone got home, mass chaos ensued per usual.  Just love this crazy Carter clan.

Dinner that night?  Well it took awhile.  The boys couldn't quite get the grills hot enough.  Nothing that some cold beers couldn't fix while waiting.

Cousin Norah also wanted some pictures with Charlie.  He's almost as big as her!!

The next day?  We hit the pool.  And this kid LOVES water.  Well water and running everywhere.  We just chased him the whole time.  What happened the relaxing vacations?!  Guess that what happens when you have a toddler, right?!

In the past, we have done boys day and girls nights, but we decided to all make the trek to a show this year.  Dixie Stampede it was.  We headed to the 5:00 show and enjoyed the pre-show.  It doesn't look like Charlie liked it, but he really did enjoy watching the juggling. 

Then it was time for the main arena.  Um...yeah.  it was cool, but this one year old doesn't like staying put. Which made the close quarters interesting. 

See?  Interesting...

But check out this group!!!

Sunday was a dock day.  Which if you have a one year old or have ever had one...dock day = disaster for us.  I was super stressed just thinking about chasing him around trying to stop him from running off the dock because he doesn't quite understand the whole stepping off things yet.  Mom anxiety at it's finest, right?

The other kids had fun though!  Charlie "enjoyed" a quick dip and then...

We went to the baby pool.  Which was better.  Much better.

After nap time, there was wrestling - which he loves.  Seriously - can all my nieces and nephews come live with us? He is SO entertained by them.  Guess this means time for another baby, right Jimmy?!?! (i wish...)

This year - half the clan had to leave on Sunday night.  So Sunday night dinner was calm and ended with a movie night.  It was so weird only having 10 people there.  But Hillary and I kept saying that "only" 10 is actually a lot for most families - but not this one.  So while it can be crazy, we missed the crazy a lot.  

Monday morning we headed out just in time for a morning nap.  Or so we thought.  A nap that didn't happen.  Oh Charlie boy.

Overall, it was such a fun time.  We are so blessed have such a great family and have everyone get along!!  Love that we are all able to take time out of our busy lives to get together.  While we see them usually every week, there is something fun about changing the scenery and going on a good old family vacation.  cannot wait for the next one!!!

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