Thursday, October 3, 2013

Two BIG summer events: 60 and 40

The reason I started this blog was to be able to look back on our lives and remember all the fun we have had and exciting events.  Well - I missed documenting TWO huge events in our lives celebrating family members.  So here I go!!

First off - 60 years.  My wonderful dad turned 60 years old just a few days before Charlie turned one.  Actually, Charlie's birthday falls right in between my dad's birthday and Jimmy's dad's birthday (which is on August 3)- so that's kind of fun!!

But his birthday fell on Saturday, July 27 and we weren't going to let it go unnoticed!  So my mom sent out a Facebook message to family and friends and his coworkers to come over to my parents house for dinner. My dad was golfing with my sisters boyfriend, cousin and my mom's cousin in town from Texas.  And he came home to a backyard FULL of his family and friends!!! Pretty fun to see his reaction. 

And then an even bigger surprise?!?  Jimmy and Charlie rode in the backyard on my dad's present...a riding lawn mower!  Pretty much his dream for a long time that my mom finally made come true!!!

Don't judge us that it says "keep kids away" all over the mower.  Charlie very much enjoyed it and is looking forward to mower rides with Papa!!

As always, my mom made SO much food (all delicious) and jimmy smoked lots of pork!! We had my dad fooled a bit because all party prep was disguised as Charlie's party prep. 

Highlights of the night??!? 

(1) getting to see my dads surprise face!!
(2) LOTS of great people that we haven't seem in a while.  My parents have some great friends that have all known me forever so it was just to see them and have them meet Charlie!
(3) celebrating 60 years of such a great guy!!!  Seriously- I still don't believe he's 60!  He's still soooo energetic, fun and just such a great guy that I am so lucky to have as a dad and friend!

Overall- a great celebration!  (The third one in the last year for us celebrating parent's 60th birthday!!  Jimmy's mom and dad just turned 60 too).

So to round out the year of big birthdays, my mother and father in law celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in late August.  I mean 40 years?!?? And if you're following along, they got married at 21 and 20.  Babies!!!  It's amazing to me that people got married that young and made wonderful decisions!!  

Jimmy and his brother's wanted to go big celebrating, but they said that is for their 50th and a mass honoring their marriage and a party with family was just the perfect way to celebrate.  So that's what we did!!

During mass, Father Mike did an amazing job of helping to celebrate and show the amazingness of being married 40 years.  They stood up in front of the congregation and he commented on their life, love and family.  And love in Christ that helped get their marriage to last this long.  It's pretty special!!

After the mass, we went back for the party!!!!   With lots of family and friends in town, we ate some delicious food and drank some beer while the kids ran around and entertained themselves outside (did I tell you how amazing having 8 nieces and nephews is?? Full time babysitters....)

And when it came time to give his parents their presents, I was interested to see what these boys came up with.  Jimmy was asking me for Pinterest ideas about something cool to get them...and I will say Pat came up with an amazing present!!  A frame that has their wedding picture, invitation, marriage license and the scripture readings from their wedding!!  It was a hit!!  Good job boys.

Unfortunately, we took off early because Charlie was rocking a double ear infection (diagnosed the day before which mean we had to miss dinner the night before- mi ranchito!).  But it was so good to see family members we hadn't seen in awhile and celebrating Red and Sue.

Seriously- 40 years!!! I mean amazing.  We are coming up on 4 years and just one kid...40 years and 5 kids and 9 grand kids later...pretty amazing!

So there you have it.  Two BIG celebrations from the summer that I didn't want to go undocumented because this blog is like our family memory book.  We are lucky to have some pretty amazing parents that are such a good example!!  

On a side note: still cannot believe going on 5 years of this blog.  I need to make a blog book ASAP- any ideas?!?

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