Sunday, December 1, 2013

Our 16 month old!

So this last month has FLOWN by my dear.  So much has been going on at our house it's crazy.  Crazy I tell you.  And you have taken in all in stride.  I love that about you.  As long as you stay on your pretty consistent schedule, you are fed and're a happy little man.  Please stay that way!!

(No clue on height and weight - but you are growing!!)
Clothing Size: We have moved up to 18 month pants (still a little big on your skinny waist) and 18-24 month pants.  I seriously want to faint when I buy something that says "2T"
Shoe Size: 5
Number of Teeth: 14??  I cannot get in your mouth.  However, your canines are slowly making the way in and let me tell you, that's no fun for anyone.

Everyone said you would start getting a little more talkative from 15 to 18 months and in the last month you have.  I'm not going to lie - compared to all the girls in your class that talk so clearly, I started to panic.  But guess what?  I'm crazy and you're normal.  Haha.  What's new.  You seem to add a new word everyday.  They are not SUPER clear, but I'm super proud when you say something and I can tell from your voice fluctuations what you mean. Like "thank you".  And apparently you say "lego" at school quite frequently.  You are also signing a ton more which is very helpful and fun!  You have always been a pro at "more", but now we are getting into the please and thank you when we give you things and it's so fun to see you learn!

You seem to have no fear and be "all boy".  From learning to climb on your slide and sliding down to now just standing at the top of it (while your mom freaks out and tells you to sit on your bottom) you seem to love testing your limits.  Makes me a little nervous and wondering when we'll be making a trip to the ER.  But also proud that you aren't afraid to try new things.  Guess that's the balance of being a parent.

Tormenting the dogs seems to be a habit of yours, which keeps things in our house quite interesting.  You are becoming better at "independent play" as some call it.  You will disappear into the playroom while your dad and I are in the kitchen and when I got to see what you're up to, you're just playing along or coloring.  It's very nice to see you having a good time and not always needing us to entertain you!!  You LOVE the basketball goal that your dad bought you and love the applause you receive when you slam dunk.  It's so fun to watch you learn new things and figure out how to master them! 

Still doing great in school - we had your first parent/teacher conference (which is hilarious) and they had nothing but wonderful things to say about you!  You're quite a hit in the classroom and like to entertain your friends.  You have NO fear with strangers and anyone that walks through our front door you greet and hug. It's so sweet.

Sleeping is still consistent for the most part and I have to say I'm very thankful for that.  You are not a HUGE sleeper by any means (your friends Jack and James take the cake on that trait!!), but go down around 7-7:30 each night and are up around 6:30-7.  Works great for us.  The nap thing you still wake up at home about 45 minutes in, but as long as we go in and soothe you, you go back to sleep.  We did get to spoil you a few times over the holidays with 2 naps and man was it glorious!!

You're just my favorite little man.  I love watching you learn and helping you explore this world.  Thanksgiving was so sweet this year because we have SO many things to be thankful for - and you are on the top of that list little man.  I love that you still snuggle with me before you go to bed at night and let me hold you like a baby.  Even though you're a big kid, it makes me so happy to get to hold you.  

Cheers to some fun and time off together this Christmas season!!  Looking forward to our first tropical family vacation and your first plane ride!!

We love you!!
Mom and Dad

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