Wednesday, July 2, 2014

38 weeks (errrr and a half)

This is considered the home stretch right??  For multiple reasons I'm going to say.  One because at 38 weeks you are SO close to the end, but yet SO far.  Is it me or do the last weeks of pregnancy just DRAG by.  I mean seriously, I feel like I just found out I was pregnant yesterday and now I'm already 38 weeks but making it to July 12 seems like a lifetime right now.

Another reason it's called that?  Because how your body (aka stomach) continues to STRETCH and grow.  In these last few weeks is when you want to go tell people that are saying they are "huge" at 20 weeks that this is what is coming my friends!  This huge belly that is full of a baby moving around ever so slowly and your skin somehow continues to stretch.

Sorry if you are catching on to my somewhat negative tone, I feel like I've been a grump lately because I'm just so ready to have this baby!  It's funny because I wake up every morning disappointed that nothing happened the night before and we didn't rush off to the hospital like everyone has stories about.  Then I tell myself - "maybe today, yes today is a good day to have a birthday!".  And then the day goes by and nothing and nothing and then it's time to go to bed again.  SHOOT!  But I do need to snap out of it because I don't think Jimmy is a fan of what a grump I am being.  But I think he can deal with that, right?  he is not the one carrying around an extra 35+ pounds and constantly worrying about her movements and how far she's moving down.

Anyways - long story short, we've MADE it.  To 38.5 weeks now.  My test is done.  No more weddings pre-baby and some time to get last minute things prepared before her arrival and oh yeah - sleep!!!  You better believe I'm trying to take advantage of that.  So here is the weekly recap.

How Far Along?  38 weeks (as of last Saturday) really 38.5 (but who's ME)

Size of Baby: about the size of a celery bunch (6.5 - 7lbs)

Gender: Little baby GIRL 

Weight Gain: I'm going to say 38lbs - guessing I'll end up around 40, which I think I was higher with Charlie mainly because of all that water weight and swelling! 

Nursery: Ha - I thought about it.  And acutally I went into the guest room to start sewing on Sunday during Charlie's nap but then I decided it would be more fun to take my own nap.  Which was MUCH needed! I did decide on the prints I want to go on the walls by the windows and just need to paint and cut the bookshelves for the reading nook.  Newborn pics will be at our house so that should be motivation to get my butt in gear! I did make 20 freezer meals on Fridat night, so I promise I'm not just sitting around !!!

Movement: Lots of slow movement.  Of course it's so close to the end that she's running out of room.  There are some points where my mom nerves kick into gear and I don't think I'm feelin her as much- like last night at 3am.  I woke up in a panic and went to drink some water and laid back down praying for movement.  And just like that, there it was!!

Symptoms: Still some heartburn and just overall standing or sitting for too long periods of time hurts. Anyone who has been pregnant knows the feeling of just being ready to not be pregnant anymore and I'm there!!!

As for progress down there...yeah that's depressing.  My doctor is out of town July 4th week every year so I saw another doctor in the practice that was sweet.  She checked me and said I was still only 1cm at first and then I think we saw the look of utter disappointment on my face and checked again and told me "almost a 2".  So I got a pity measurement.  Even worse?  My next appointment isn't until NEXT Friday.  Are you serious?!? What was I thinkin when I set those up?  That's way too long to not even have the conversation with my own doctor.  I tried to get one for Wednesday and the scheduling lady said she was booked Wednesday and Thursday but someone could go into labor and an opening would happen.  Then I pretty much screamed "that person that goes into labor needs to be MEEEEE!!".  Ok I'm officially crazy pregnant person.  Please come soon child!

Sleep:  Doing ok with this part.  I love laying down at the end of the day and am relishing these quiet moments in the house while Charlie is sound asleep that will soon be filled with tending to a newborn.  I know these moments will be back again in a few months/years when BGC is on a routine, but for now I'm looking forward to tending to her as needed- even if it means less sleep!

Cravings: I made a beer chicken freezer meal the other night.  That meant I opened a summer beer and could smell it.  Hmmm I can't wait! Oh and dying for my traditional sushi meal in the hospital (hint hint jimmy)

What I Miss: Just being able to not dread getting dressed or putting on normal clothes because they are so stinking uncomfortable!!

Best Moment This Week: Last Saturday we got to spend time with sweet baby Nelle and Charlie just loved her!! He tickled her feet and laughed with her and she laughed back.  It made me so excited to see him and his sister interact and meet!!

Panic Moment This Week: Thinking about the logistics of randomly going into labor and my water breaking somewhere odd. So much to think about- what to do with Charlie, how to get my bag there, will my house be clean! Ahhh.  

Looking Forward To:  A long holiday weekend with fun activities and her ARRIVAL!!!!  So soon!!!

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  1. First of all, you look amazing! Secondly, I totally get the disapointent each morning my water didn't break over night/ that day haha. I was looking for any sign. When I had brynna, I got up to go to the bathroom and nothing happened so I was so down about it. I got back in bed to pout and my water broke! Hang in there mama!! Sending baby coming out vibes your way.