Saturday, July 19, 2014

The first two weeks

It's crazy because like they always say...the days are long, but the weeks are fast (or do they usually say years are fast? I'm going with weeks in this case).  Some days have been great and I don't feel tired and then others it hits me like a ton of bricks- and reminds me that having a newborn is no walk in the park.

However, as tiring and hard as it is...the perspective we have as second time parents is helping get through it all.  Because we know that these little baby toes won't stay little forever and her snoozing the days away won't either.  The frequent waking up at night to feed her to make sure she's growing and getting enough won't last forever.  Soon enough she'll be sleeping longer (we hope!) and smiling and starting to develop a personality of her own as the newborn stage ends.

And guess what? I love little babies.  All little ones but especially my own.  Maybe it's that look that they give you when they are nursing or the snuggling that they only want with mom.  Or that sometimes all it takes is my arms to calm her down.  Yes yes yes. I cannot explain how much I love that feeling of knowing this sweet little human that I grew for 10 months needs me to survive. It's pretty amazing and gives my life a whole new purpose. 

As for the whole having two kids to take care of - it's for sure overwhelming at times, but it's very very nice for me and Maddie (and Charlie!) that he is still going to school/daycare everyday.  We are loving our days together and I'm loving all the time I get to spend with her and bond and Charlie goes to school, plays with his friends and has a grand time and then can't wait to see me and Maddie when he comes home.

Things I don't want to forget:

- While it doesn't help with the whole sleeping thing...she grunts versus cries at night when she's hungry.  It's LOUD but kind of cute too.
- The way her brother will all of a sudden stop his crazy shenanigans and go and kiss her on the head.
- The way she looks at me with those gazing eyes when she's finished nursing
- Her stares at who knows what during tummy time
- How the first night was fabulous and both kids slept so great - then the third night WHOA.  That hit us like a ton of bricks and no one slept.  I repeat...NO ONE.
- How it seriously takes forever to get out of the house.  I thought getting out with a newborn was bad - add in a temperamental two year old that sometimes wants to do everything BUT cooperate with his parents and will just randomly sit down.  (It's really hard to pick up his 30 lbs and carry the infant car seat...)
- Spending time with just Maddie and spending time with just Charlie.  Charlie and I got to go and play outside just the two of us tonight and it was just so great.  He's getting so big and sweet and I cannot wait to see his role of big brother evolve.
- Her first two weeks and one day old...and she freaking rocked it.  We only started with 2.5 ounces and she sucked it down and then I topped her off.  Seriously, total opposite eater than her brother.  Thank goodness!
- Her belly button FINALLY fell out today.  Whew.  For some reason I feel like Charlie's fell out sooner and I was just dying for it to fall out.  Makes her seem less fragile.
- The sweet baby coos.  Cannot get enough.
- All the love we are getting.  We are loving visitors and all the quality time with friends and family during this time.
- breastfeeding is still a challenge the first two weeks- even if you have done it before.  My boobs hurt so bad, but I knew making it to the two week mark they would hopefully feel better - and they do!!
- Changing a newborn diaper a bizillion times per day is still better than changing some of Charlie's poop diapers. Especially after he eats black olives- gross city.

Some pictures from the first few weeks:

 Two life saving baby devices if you ask me!

Movie watching!

Shopping with mom.  She's not the best errand runner - even when she goes in asleep, she usually wakes up screaming halfway through!

So much fun to dress these girls!

Me and my favorite two year old.

Checked each other out - a nightly ritual.

I might have to add a mirror by the changing pad in her room (this is in our room temporarily). She loves it and is so curious!

Melt my heart.  I love this view.

Our first walk!  Which we have been on two more since - sans stroller and sans dogs (used the Ergo baby instead) and we have liked that a lot better.  Sorry pups!

Haha - look at that face!

Willy is obsessed with this girl.

Oh my! Lucky me!

Giving Maddie some water!

How he watches the tv now!!' H

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  1. I love her! I've got meet that little doll!

  2. How adorable!! I had to laugh out loud at your dog in the stroller, that is what happens almost everytime I take both kids and my dog on a walk!!

    1. So glad to know that this happens to someone else!!! These crazy dogs!!!!