Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First trip to the K!!!

Can you believe that Charlie has never been to Kauffman stadium??? He's almost 3 years old and since his dad is such a die hard Royal's fan- it's kind of hard to believe (seriously, he's crazy - see here for the craziness that ensued during their trip to the World Series this last fall)!!!  But in all reality- the games are at 7:10 (which is bed time) or 1:10 (which is in the middle of nap time). So because our little man seriously thrives off a schedule, we haven't wanted to mess that up.  

Finally- Jimmy decided it was time for him to go.  And I was in and excited! I knew he'd love it!  And I was planning on just strapping Maddie in the Ergo and off we go.  However, little miss got another stupid ear infection (#7 since January!!!!), so I asked my mom to come hang with her while we took Charlie.

If you can't tell- after waking up from naps everyone was excited- ha!

But Charlie is at the perfect age.  He is so into the Royal's and can name off at least 4 players- it's pretty cute (and I guess expected with how much the games are on in our house).

The giveaway that night was a tote bag and apparently people were all about it because at 4:15 there was a HUGE line!

When we got in, we immediately went down to the field trying to get someone to autograph our ball during batting practice.

Charlie was mesmerized with the big field!

He brought his own glove and took a seat (legs crossed- love it!) while he put his hand in and out of his glove just like Jimmy does.

It didn't take long to get hot and bored waiting...so when we headed to the little K (kids portion) he was ALL about it.

He liked the carousel, but his favorite?! Well that was running.  Nonstop.  I had to go with him first, but after that- that was all he wanted to do!!!

This video that Jimmy took is what he literally did OVER and OVER again.

Pretty stinking cute.

So we finally made our way ALL the way up to our seats.  When Jimmy bought them, he said there was no one around us.  Well since everyone loves the Royal's now....the place was almost sold out.  So after sitting there only an inning and a half, we gave in and went back to the little K.  He wouldn't stop talking about running the bases.  If you can't tell I was thrilled to carry that little man all the way back down the stairs!

But never fear- dad showed up with some dippin dots (our favorite) and we finally pulled him away from running.

But then he literally ran like 20 more times (I'm not kidding) and the only way I could pull him away was to promise cotton candy.  The weather wasn't looking too promising, it was getting late and we still needed to go get his certificate for his first game from guest services.

And finally got a good family pic minus one (next time Maddie will be with us!).

We also plopped down and had some serious conversations together.

And then our sweaty kid finally got his cotton candy and all was right in his world.

Overall it was a lot of work getting him around...but it was seriously so much fun!!!


  1. Love this!! Brantley talks about the players, too. We play "Royals game" often - he is usually Alex Gordon and I am Salvi. Tonight he wouldn't even let "Salvi" sit indian style. He made me squat down like catchers are supposed to!!! Hilarious! These boys! They are going to LOVE mini & me baseball!

  2. So fun! We can't wait until they come up here to play in July! :)