Monday, May 11, 2015

10 months + 1 week

So I did really great with the last 9 months of being on the ball on these monthly updates - so I think I can be forgiven for missing this 10 month milestone by on week, right?

The sad part is, now I must live with the fact that you are not just 10 months old - but you are NOW 10 months and one week.  Just one more week closer to being 12 months old - ONE YEAR OLD.  Seriously - where the heck did the last year go.  I feel like it was yesterday, seriously, that I was pregnant with you, awaiting your arrival into this world and into our family.  Nervous how your brother would react to your arrival and how you would fit into our family.

And now here you are.  Ten months old.  Large and in charge.  The sweetest little girl.

And girlfriend, you are FUN!  10 months and oh so fun. 

Length:  30 in (98%) aka tall
Weight:  more than 22.6lbs :)
Head: 18 in - maybe the same as 9 months?!

  • Ok - not a fun milestone - but for have had an ear infection since like January.  I mean it's crazy.  The Friday before you hit 10 months old you had your first DOUBLE ear infection - the crazy thing is that I wasn't even going to take you to the doctor this time because you seemed so normal.  All the others have been in your left ear...but we went back to the doctor today and luckily it's clear now but off to the ENT we go!
  • 8 teeth - 4 on top and 4 on bottom.  And guess what?  Today the doctor said we need to think about taking away that pacifier.  Sheesh - apparently it's already starting to affect your bite!
  • You can stand by yourself without any aid - yep, you just pop right up.  It's crazy to see you upright.  You want to take a step SO bad.  You took a few at daycare and a few at home a few weeks back but don't want to anymore - so for now you stand and then plop down and crawl FAST.
  • Sleeping is going better!!  It's all just a matter of time, right?  That's what they say and I'm hoping it sticks.  Some nights you sleep from 7-6 and others you wake up once, but either way - I'll take it girlfriend!
  • You are still in size 4 diapers.  YOUR STOMACH AND THIGHS ARE AMAZING.  I was staring at your booty thinking "nothing is better than a big baby bottom".  
  • You'll eat pretty much anything now.  It's fun too!  From fruit to chicken to bread to pasta to turkey and cheese.  You love black beans, avocados, name it.
  • You drink from a cup and a bottle.  Not sure when we'll transition you to only a cup, but likely soon!!  
  • Oh breastfeeding.  Did I mention you have 8 teeth?  haha.  Well I'm still nursing you in the morning and at night and just pump once at work.  I'm about ready to go out of town for work for 3 days....and then hope for 3 and then out of town for another 6...AH.  So we will see if I will pump while I'm gone.  However my sweet girl, I feel like you might be ready to be done nursing.  Moving onto bigger and better things!
  • You are a talker - you say "mama", it's so sweet.  And sometimes "dada".  Your eyes absolutely light up when someone mentions "Charlie" - it's so sweet!  You LOVE dogs so much - ours and anyone else's.  You love to babble and talk all the time!

Things you like:
  • Breastmilk and bottles and water and sippy cups.  Staying hydrated!
  • BATHS!  You just love baths with Charlie so so much.  It's so fun to watch you splash and stand and play with bath toys.
  • Puffs, Cheerios, bananas, you name it!
  • Exploring - you get into everything!!
  • The play kitchen - you will sit and play and stand and have so much fun.
  • Playing with Charlie and laughing with him!

Things you don't like:
  • Ear infections and sneezing - today we just started you on Zrytec daily to help with allergies!
  • You don't like to sit still to get your diaper changed!

Special memories this month!!
  • Celebrated your first Easter - it was so fun!
  • I headed to Manhattan and spent my first night away from you - and guess what?! We survived without each other.  It's crazy how while I'm excited to get a break, I miss you so much!!
  • Fun celebrations: your dad and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary AND we celebrated your dad's 31st birthday!
  • Another picture day at school - and you and your brother took some fun pics!
  • Aunt Susan and her boyfriend, Randy, came into Kansas City to visit and got to see you again - she hasn't seen you since last August - so you've changed a LOT!

A note to our girl:

All I can say is this age might be my favorite.  Seriously.  Your personality is just shining through and it's so fun.  You laugh, cry, and just tell us what you're thinking more and more.  You interact with everyone so much!!  I love watching you watch others and you're just SO interested.  You love to eat and sleep - I am pretty sure you are currently going through a growth spurt because your naps are longer and you're eating so much.  Grow girl grow!!  

We just love you so much - and you are just the perfect addition to our family.  Charlie is smitten with you and now asks for every morning.  You have also learned how to keep that boy in check when he is not so nice to you.  We are so excited for this summer and to celebrate your upcoming milestones with you!!!
Your parents


Comparison picture at 10 months-

Charlie wanted to play too!!


Naked baby and one of my favorite pictures of her!

These kids melt my heart.

Check out their booties after bath.  And HAIR!

Big girl with big girl shoes with your kitchen!

What's up hair clip!?!?

School pics!  I bought some!!!

Seriously your favorite thing at Nana and Papa's.  Charlie pushes you everywhere. You hang on and squeal you laugh so hard.  He only dropped you twice!

You LOVE your cousins.

You two.  For real.  The cutest.

Your new tricks!

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  1. That smile!!! She is the cutest! And that heart over Charlie's private. OMG I died laughing! Happy 10 months (and then some) to Maddie!