Thursday, May 28, 2015

Traveling in between

So way back in January, Jimmy and I decided since 2015 marked our 5 year wedding anniversary and we had not been on vacation without our kids since before Charlie was born (so i.e. never without our kids), we decided it was time to book a trip to Mexico.  We settled on mid-May.  Not quite our exact anniversary (which is April 10), but not in the midst of the craziness that summer brings.

Money was saved, travel agent was called and just like that our vacation was booked.

Couldn't wait!

Until one of our vendors came in and said this conference they host was the same exact week as our vacation.  And the thing was...I actually really wanted to go to the conference.  One because it was for the forecasting software we use at work and I am chomping at the bit to learn more about it from a development/building standpoint and two...I mean it was in Orlando and they gave me a free ticket. 

Luckily, my work rocks and they wanted me to go to, so we changed our vacation with no impact to we were set.  But that meant I was going to be gone Sunday - Wednesday at the conference and then leave that next Sunday for Mexico until Friday.  UGH.  I literally haven't gotten on an airplane since last March when I went to London for work.  Or been away for Maddie for longer than one night.  Here went nothing though.  May - June are whirlwind months.  With my conference in Orlando, then Mexico for a week and then June 13 I'm headed back to London for work again...this time taking my mom, dad and sister with me.  So yeah - a whole year not getting on an airplane and then boom - May and June hit and I'm jumping in an airplane 3 times and getting a passport stamp twice.  Sheesh.  Exciting but bittersweet of course to leave those kiddos behind!

So here is a bit of what my in between has looked like the last two weeks (in Mexico now = time to blog on my phone at the pool = pretty sweet to catch up!).

This was my beautiful view in my hotel room in Orlando.  The Hilton at Bonnet Creek did not disappoint.

The first night we ate the literally most delicious meal of my life.  I'm not kidding.  And from being a consultant that ate out every meal every night for almost a full year and a half, trust me when I say I have had some nice dinners.  Our vendor took us to Charley's in Orlando and treated us to some delicious food - and wine.  So good!

But most of all - I was so happy to wake up to this sweet video from my family back home the next morning.  I love that Charlie is apparently eating yogurt off of Lightning McQueen.  Oh Chaz.

We were officially spoiled, so it was fun!  Downtown Disney for dinner on Monday night and then a fabulous event that they shut a portion of Universal Studios down for.  I think there were 5 bars we could go into with lots of food.  The best was the karaoke bar though - was so fun to sit and watch people - some were really good and some were REALLY bad.

I did go with my co-worker and friend, Jackie, and she also had a baby last year, so we had in mind that we were both going to go to this conference and get all kinds of sleep since we were away from our babies (her son is about 3 months younger than Maddie).  HA - no way.  We were out every night eating and drinking...but it was still fun!

The week consisted of sessions during the day, maybe some day time drinks (courtesy of our sales rep), some fun drawings at Universal (Jimmy said that's exactly how I stand - I should work on my posture!), and of course...the week ended with a long travel day home that included pumping right in the middle of the Orlando airport woman's bathroom.  


Surprisingly, as this is like the 24th month of my life that I have been breastfeeeding/pumping for one of my children - I literally have NO shame.

Wednesday night I made it home JUST in time for bed and to see these sweet faces.  They greeted me as I pulled in the driveway and we were all equally excited to see one another (glad they were excited to see me!)

We spent the next few days hanging out and doing a whole lot of nothing.  It was wonderful.  We cleaned and did SO SO much laundry.  And played A LOT.  In the tent, went on bike rides and watched the rain.

Oh and in between - I made Jimmy help me hang this up.  Not sure what I think - still needs different stuff on the shelf..but I'm going to paint the three bottom panes with chalkboard paint.  We will see.  I saw it on Pinterest and had these old windows from our old house and went with it.  This wall has been a challenge for me since we moved in.

Did I mention laundry?  Oh and catching up on the bachelorette (seriously though, you have to be so promiscuous this season??!).  

And BUZZ LIGHTYEAR.  Charlie found this costume I bought on clearance after Halloween last year and all of a sudden became obsessed.  He looks pretty dang cute in it though.

Even wore it to Walmart with Jimmy.

And after 3 days at home, I packed up another suitcase and got on another plan and told my babies goodbye one more time (left them in good hands with both our parents this week!) on the way to Mexico with this cute guy....

So in between traveling all over, it was a good three days and I was thankful for that time.  thankful for their smiles.  And how I feel like they have grown up so much lately - interacting and playing with each other so much.  These kids are just so stinking cute and sure, absence makes the heart grow fonder...but I'll always be so in love with them.

What does help the absence?  The fact that Charlie is MUCH better with Face Time now.

Thank goodness!!!!  Because when I'm in London and the time is so different - that's when it's the hardest for me! Thank goodness my parents and sis will be there for some fun times though!

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