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What's up Wednesday - May!

As I did last month, I am joining this fun "What's up Wednesday" link up on the last Wednesday of the month with some of my FAVORITE bloggers.  Mix and Match FamilyPinterest Told Me To and the Larson Lingo.

What we are eating this week...

Haha- well this week Jimmy and I are in Mexico at an all inclusive resort- so we are pretty much eating whatever we like.  So far we have had some delicious breakfast creations, yummy lunches but our favorite had to have been the steak last night!!  It was perfectly cooked and enjoying it with this view wasn't too bad either.

Don't worry- next week we are back to reality and meal planning!  My kids are enjoying delicious food courtesy of both sets of our parents!

What I'm reminiscing about...

Our honeymoon at this exact resort 5 years ago.  It's been crazy thinking that it was 5 years ago we were here, newly married and just so excited at what our new life was going to bring us.  We had a talk last night about what we want our next 5 years to look like and just really couldn't stop going back to how thankful we are for all these joys we have been blessed with these first five years.  From new jobs, houses, new opportunities, but mostly for our beautiful children.  Oh and that we still love each other ;)

Needless to say we look like babies!!

But it feels like honeymooners are everywhere and it's fun to see their child like freedom and excitement and think back to just a few years ago.  I heard one couple at the pool talking about how disappointed they were that during their ceremony, the unity candle was lit at the wrong time.  I laughed because my oh my those were the days when that was your biggest concern right?!  But at the same time it makes you kind of wish for that time again!!

What I'm loving...


Ok where did May go??! I'm so confused.

Regardless...June is just around the corner, our neighborhood pool is open, t-ball is starting this weekend, birthday parties are being planned and vacation prep for June and July is in motion.

While its 90 degrees on Mexico now, I know Kansas is a little cooler- but still- BRING ON SUMMER!  I can't wait to get the kids in their swim suits and to the pool.  Charlie will love it even more this year and with Maddie starting to walk, thank goodness our neighborhood has a zero entry.  She will be a whole lot different than last year.

Charlie and his buddy Jack have grown up SO much this past year!

What we've been up to....

Well for me personally- I have been traveling a lot and working and relaxing.  And missing my kids. Ha! Nice combo.

The kids? They have been having so much fun with their dad when I was in Orlando and then with their cousins and grandparents while we are in Mexico.  Here is an adorable picture of Maddie getting a bottle from Pops!!

Don't you worry - our families have been sending us some fun pictures and videos of what our kiddos have been up to while we are away - that's a post of it's own :)

What I'm dreading...

Monday, June 1.

Maddie is getting tubes.

So I'm not actually dreading it because girlfriend needs tubes BAD.  Like she has had 7 ear infections since January.  That's not right.

However, after our ENT consult last Friday, the doc was saying she actually probably hasn't had 7 ear infections nor needed medicine those 7 times (which inevitably always gives her a wicked bad diaper rash) and that its just fluid that won't leave her ears.  Poor thing.

Why I'm dreading it though?  Well, our ENT only does surgeries on Mondays.  Since this last Monday was a holiday, his schedule is fuller than that means the first early morning surgery (that is best for kids because they cannot eat/drink before them) wasn't until June 15.  I will be in London that week for work so that was a that put it on June 22.  Almost a month away.  She's in so much I talked to the nurse and he has an opening for surgery on Monday, June 1, but it is in the afternoon.  So that means (depending on the actually surgery time, which we will find out on Friday), she cannot eat or drink anything 2 hours before she is supposed to be at the hospital.  And she can only have clear liquids when she wakes up.  Have you seen my daughter? Let's just say girlfriend does not like to miss a meal (nothing wrong with that) is going to be a rough morning.  I'm envisioning driving around KC for 2 hours prior hoping she sleeps in her car seat the whole time.  

Maybe I'll start listening to serial??!

Anyways- I'm excited to get it done so we can be ear infection free (hopefully) but dreading the morning before.  But better one morning of "suffering" than a whole month!!!

What I've been working on....
Working on work!

I have been busy at work implementing some new software we bought and training on that, gearing up for my annual trip to London and (my favorite work thing) building a new model to help make some decisions.  I'm for sure a finance nerd because building models = my jam.

In other things- we are working on getting Maddie to take steps consistently (she will take 3-4 at a time) and also gearing up for Maddie's first birthday!!!! Invitations should be printed this week and I'll pick up and send out ASAP.  Hard to believe she will be a year old!  

This is the template of what her invites will look like - I love it!!!

Also, we have her one year pictures on Wichita the first weekend in June so ordering some outfits for that and getting ready for another road trip there- this time not ending up in the ER!

What I'm excited about...

So it has rained so much in KC (not as much as our Texas neighbors, thank goodness!)...that my excitement still lies in our backyard.  They started the project over 2 weeks ago and said it would only take 5 days.  So that means we just need 5 fully dry days.  In a row. 

Hasn't happened at all.  

They have made progress when they could but for now our backyard still looks like a big mud pit.

I cannot wait for it to be done and able to use!!!

What I'm watching/reading...

Well, my normal TV shows are done until the fall- but the Bachelorette started up and I cannot WAIT!!  I did watch the first two episodes, but missed the third- so looking forward to Monday's third episode.

Also, lots of travel time + beach time means lots of reading.  Like more than I have read in over a year.  It's kind of nice - I forget how much I miss reading.

Here's what I'm reading now:

The Fringe Hours (also joined an online bloggers book club for this- loving it so far!)

We are Called to Rise (finished on my way to and from Orlando - very good!)

The Husbands Secret (just finished at the pool today - SO good)

What I'm listening to...
beach music baby!!

And this is Jimmy's song of the summer: Cheerleader (by OMI) apparently it must be the remix too.  He is saying this is the "summer song" that will be all over the radio, etc.  However, until today I had yet to hear it anywhere else but from his iPod - then these fun people sat next to us at the pool and guess what?  They played it!!  Check it out.

What I'm wearing...

Oh man.  Remember when I was stressing out about what to pack?

Welp - turns out that all I really needed was a few swimsuits I loved, a few coverups and a couple sundresses and I was good to go.  I wish I could have this simple of a wardrobe on KC!! 

I got these from Target and they have literally been what I have lived in so far.  However, tomorrow?  I will be sporting the navy tankini that I got on sale and love - only because my stomach is SO SO burned (I know - I am still not sure how because I have been slathering 50 SPF on it all week!) that I am not subjecting it to any sun tomorrow. 

What I'm doing this weekend...

We get back in town late on Friday night and the weekend kicks off back to real life bright and early on Saturday!  

I'm playing in a softball tournament for KC corporate challenge and our first game is at 7am.  Depending on if we win or lose, I might have to miss Charlie's first t ball practice/game (SAD!) but at least our fields are only 5 min apart.  Who knows if we will win or lose, but that could be my weekend.

What I'm looking forward to next month....


My parents, sister and I are headed over to the UK the middle of June.  While there are celebrations I might be missing (a baby shower and a wedding shower)...I'm still excited to get over there with them and have them experience this amazing city!! I'm also excited to go back and not be pregnant this time so I can enjoy the pubs with my European coworkers!!

And I'm hoping we can get a Bruns family picture with the guard for our Christmas card - this time I won't touch him like I did last year!!

And of course - Maddie's birthday party :)  However, even though it is in June - I am in denial and counting that as July because that is when her birthday is (just a week earlier due to her bday being on a holiday).

What else is new...

Hmmmm- lots going on as usual.  Just trying to stay above water. I haven't got to blog as much as I wanted to and am realizing when I don't get to blog how much I do miss it!!

Summer meal planning seems to be so much easier too because it's just "throw this on the grill, Jimmy" and make a few sides and wah la!

Bonus: What is your favorite thing to grill this summer?

Ha the bonus question goes nicely with my last comment too!  

We will be fully using the grill this next month- hopefully on our new patios!!!  Salmon from Costco is one of our favs to cook and then burgers are a go to also.

Boulevard brats are a favorite as well! And some grilled chicken too. Pretty much we will put anything on the grill!  I would like to put a pizza on there too...anyone try that??

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  1. So fun that you are in Mexico right now!! And, going to the UK this summer. Awesome!
    Praying the tube surgery goes well!!!
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