Saturday, May 16, 2015

School pictures

We had success with school pictures this spring!!  And guess what?  I purchased the "day care" package...and didn't feel ripped off.  Mainly because I feel like they got a few good pictures of my kiddos AND I was feeling some mom guilt since Maddie didn't get as many professional photo shoots documenting her first year of life as Charlie did (see his 9 month pics here - they are some of my favorite!).

So these represent Maddie's 9 month "professional pictures" because, the are from professionals.
And guess what?  It was a whole lot cheaper AND a whole lot easier because we just got them dressed, sent them to school and crossed our fingers that they would turn out good.

And as you can see below, at least 5 for them did. 

The others - well, yeah, let's just say I'm glad that I only had to pick 5 images to get the digital versions of.  The others were pretty hilarious though.

The somewhat successful sibling picture!!! (this one was gifted to some deserving grandma's for Mother's Day)

Sweet Maddie!  She actually wore a little hair bow AND I'm loving that you can see her curls starting around her ears.  It was super humid yesterday in KC and her hair was curling like crazy!!!

I love this one!  Sweet smile!

And then Charlie - he looks so old in these pictures.

And was in desperate need of a hair cut he got the weekend following them.  If I was on top of everything in life, I would have gotten him that haircut before the pictures, but that's how I've been rolling these days, and I'm fine with it!

So serious with the hair swoop.....

Not the same as a full out photo shoot - but not as stressful or expensive - so I'll take it!!

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  1. Oh my gosh, adorable!! And yes, Charlie is looking extra big in these :(