Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Another week that we have to eat and a birthday weekend recap...

 Yes, I know it's Tuesday night.  Sue me, ok?  Ok, really don't.

I'm running behind because work life is cray-cray right now.  But it counts that I started writing this on Sunday....even though I just now finished, right?
But since my family and I do have to eat again this week, I'm going to link up again with Colleen from Meet the Sullivan's to share what we are having (or at least planning on having). 

~ Monday ~

Mexican Monday!

I improvised and just did Mexican for myself :) I took advantage of the yummy leftovers from my birthday party.  It was quick and easy- so if you have some taco meat just sitting around....give it a whirl.

Cut up green peppers.  I put them in the microwave for about 30 seconds to make them a little soft.  Then heated up leftover ground beef taco meat.  Put on top of the pepper, sprinkled some cheese and added avocados and plain greek yogurt (vs sour cream) to the top.  It was delicious! And Jimmy had to work late...but I got to enjoy my dinner thanks to Charlie for feeding Maddie!!

~ Tuesday ~

Had orange teriyaki grilled chicken (another Hy-Vee freezer meal) I had to work late tonight and Jimmy didn't have practice so he grilled up a delicious dinner for us and I ate after i got home and help put the kiddos to bed!

He rocks.


Zucchini bake. something like this:


Turkey paninis + chips.

Spicy chips are Charlie's favorite.

I will probably skip my own spicy chips (I have gotten up early to work out Monday & Tuesday so I'm attempting to keep on track!) and sneak some of his.


Kick off Labor Day weekend with a nice little backyard bbq!

We love the Boulevard brats - I think I saw some on on sale so I might have to pick some up.

Have you ever tried them?  They are delicious!!!


We might be going out to swim at a lake 30 min outside of KC - so we will play it by ear!!

Are you eating anything good this week???

OK - tagging two posts together here.

The weekend fun?? Well it kicked off early on Friday because Jimmy and I both took the day off.  I went to Ikea (ALONE!!) and then we went and got sushi for lunch at our favorite little sushi train.  Yum.

Then I came home and took a 2.5 hour nap.  It was heavenly.

Jimmy decided to throw me a little birthday party at the last minute.  I was kind of a grump about it because let's get real...who wants to clean and cook for their own birthday party?  But Jimmy did all the heavy lifting and ordered some delicious Tequila Harry's for everyone to eat.  He always throws a great party.

And we got to put our new backyard to good use!!

I didn't take a single picture.  Can you believe it?  I think I was having too much fun!  Our families came and also some great friends - it was so good to see everyone!!!  This guy is the best.  And better yet?  We had a party and still went to bed at 10:30! #gettingold

Our kids both stayed up past their bed time (Charlie a whole 2 hours past it!!)..but that didn't mean they slept in.  These kids!

Charlie and I had a day date planned just me and him to go see Frozen on Ice at the Sprint Center.  He is just so fun right now.  It's crazy that when I ask him to do something he actually does it at times (who is this child!?).  But it's even more fun to see him take in life and watch how he reacts.  He's very thoughtful these days and makes decisions after thinking about it.  I told him that he could have one treat and one toy at the show.  I was guessing he would immediately want the toy - but nope, we did get our popcorn right away and sat down. 

It was until the lights went back on at intermission that he looked around the Sprint Center.  I was looking at him when it caught his eye: another little boy had a sword.  Oh my goodness.  His eyes lit up and he said "mommy, we need to buy that sword".  So cute!  

He now has his own "ninja turtle sword" (as he calls it) from a Frozen on Ice show..

We seriously had a GREAT time.  It was so fun to just hang out the two of us - that never happens!!!  But I also was dreading it because I didn't think he would sit still (apparently all you need is popcorn because he sat there the whole time watching intently!) and thought he would break down when it was over or time to leave - and he didn't!  Even though it was his normal nap time.

He fell asleep in the car almost immediately on our way home.  I thought I could be sneaky and get him inside asleep and in bed.  Nope - he said he was too hungry.  So here he is eating his peanut butter toast snack in his undies. This kid!!

After naps, we headed to my parents house to get ready for my sister's surprise engagement party with our family and Casey's parents and brother who were in town from Wichita!

They were very confused when they pulled up to my parents house and thought it was just a small family dinner!  Cousins, aunts, grandparents were all there.  It was fun and we can't wait for more celebrations until their big day next June!

On Sunday, we went to church and Jimmy was working at Kids COR while I was enjoying the service upstairs when this stinker got called on the screen.  I have no idea what was wrong with her, but she wouldn't chill out even in the cry room (that isn't really sound proof).  The fact that she was the oldest kid in there by at least 6 or 7 months and she wouldn't stop screaming - we made our way outside to hang out until church was over.  I tell you what, she has quite the attitude for an almost 14 month old!!!  I love her, but girls are nuts!

After naps, we headed just 20 minutes west of our house to Lawrence, KS.  There was an arts and craft fair in the park right off of Mass Street and it was PERFECT weather.  This deserves it's own dang post because I have so many fun pictures!  But we all had a blast!!!

Hope you had a great weekend too and happy almost hump day!

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