Friday, September 4, 2015

Five on Friday back in action

LONG couple of weeks.

LONG.  And so happy that it's the weekend.  And even better it's a LONG weekend.

Too many capital "LONG" up there.  So sorry, friends.

Here we go!


September = Fall = Football

You know what fall means, right?  Football.

And this year our family is all about football.  no, I wish we had season tickets to some team (I would prefer K-State, but would even deal with KU tickets)...but instead we have a priority and front row seat to 8th grade boys football.  Because we have an "in" with the defensive coordinator.  Yep - FINALLY Jimmy's season is starting with games kicking off next weekend.  While we can't make it to the first game because of a wedding the kids and I go to, we can't wait to watch them play soon!!!

He wears a whistle well, right??

Ok - I finally did the Hy-Vee Aisles online shopping and did a pick up (not delivery yet!).  I have mixed emotions and feel like I need to do it a few more times.

The shopping online was fast but it was a little more difficult than I thought it would be to find certain things.  Maybe I am missing something but the search function when looking for certain things wasn't there.  I could find the Hy-Vee brand hamburger buns for example but not the hot dog bugs that brand.  I also was doing it pretty fast at 6:40AM with Charlie on my next time I will give myself more time!!

I called them right when I left day care and parked in the designated spot.  I was a little confused as to whether they were just coming to my car or I had to do something else.  Luckily my kiddos had some snacks but I eventually called the number again and the lady showed up at my van and then just said to pull up to the front.  Overall - it took longer than I thought it would...but seriously so much better than unloading my kiddos out of the car, into a cart, walk around the store, stand in line + pay on a Friday afternoon after work and a long week.   Verdict?  I will absolutely give it another try!  I'm excited to try the delivery!


This.  Just this.

It is NOT 21 day fix approved (to be clear - which I'm starting another round on Monday).

But it tastes like fall and is a good cheat.  And I can see these making the cold fall mornings a lot more fun!


I mean right now.  SO MANY BABIES right now.

And I get to meet this little man this weekend.  I cannot wait.

Sweet baby Carroll.  

My dear friend, Erica, had her sweet baby boy on August 26th.  Erica and Andrew have had a rough go around trying to have this sweet sweet boy and what a miracle that he 's finally here. 

I cannot wait to meet him.  OMG.  I need some baby snuggles.  I'm also looking forward to finally meeting her sweet foster kids (check out more about Erica and Andrew's story here).

SO many babies lately I cannot handle it!!!  I cannot wait to meet Lauren's sweet baby boy too!


Ok so my birthday was last week right?  Well two weeks ago...Jimmy bought me an Apple watch.  My life is changed FOREVER.

I thought it was so silly, but then we went to check it out and I said ok that we could buy it.  And I love it.  So so much.  I am planning to do a whole post on it because there are lots of cool things to say!!!

Happy September - I cannot believe how fast summer went by!

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