Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Thoughts on 30

SOOOO I turned the big 3-0 last Friday.  

I'm not sad.  Because I'm not letting my mind go to my 12 year old self when I thought 30 was OLD.  Like so OLD.  Or even when I was like 18...30 was still old.  But now I'm 30 and I'm happy.  Happy and healthy.  And what more can you ask for, right?  As a bonus I have a fabulous husband, a job that I love, and two freaking adorable kids that I love more than anything. 

So yeah, I'm going to take the perspective that life is GOOD at 30.  And take all my "older" friend's advice and go with the fact that 30s are in fact the best decade with so much to look forward to.  And with this weekend to kick off my third decade on this earth - I think it's off to a fantastic start!!!

Here are 10 things I want to focus on in the next decade:

  1. Become more spiritual on a DAILY basis.  I feel like I became more spiritual and grew a lot in my relationship with God this past decade, but I want to make this a daily priority.  Includes daily prayer for sure and I'd like to do a few bible studies.
  2. Focus on my health through making working out and eating healthy a priority.  I saw what the focus of that can do to transform not only my body, but also my energy and mood and everything!!!  I want to stay alive for a few more decades because I have a lot to live for!
  3. Date my husband.  Period.  Whether that is at home or out somewhere, this is a priority to not make that spark die out!
  4. Be a present mom.  I want to focus on really being in the moment.  While I am not there all the time with my kids, the years with them are just flying by and I don't want to miss a moment.
  5. Go on vacation with my little family!  Stressful or not - the best times are those memories made with family, so this will be a financial priority
  6. Continue to manage our finances, but figure out a charity or cause we are passionate about and set up a giving plan to that organization that we feel strongly about making a difference in our community.
  7. On that note - volunteer at an organization I'm passionate about.  I am really interested in Operation Breakthrough, so we'll see where this one goes.  Volunteer with my family as my kiddos get older and have them realize the importance of giving back to others.
  8. Be a good friend.  A better friend.  Realize those that are the most important to me (and vice versa) and make sure to be there for them - during all the good times and especially the bad.  Realize that life is busy and that just because we don't get to see our friends and family as much as we would like to, they ARE important and make sure they know that!
  9. Be a mentor.  Professionally and personally - but I have had so many wonderful mentors that have guided me through my professional (and hence personal) life so far - and they are so important!!
  10. Be myself.  Own all that I am and love myself more than ever before!  Not everyone has to like me and vice versa, so realizing that I don't need to spend my time pleasing others being someone or something I'm not is not how I want to live these next 10 years.  I just wish I would've caught on to this one sooner!!!

There are SO many more things that I'm looking forward to this decade.  It's crazy to this I will have TEENAGER when I turn 40!!  AH!  But I can't wait for all that these next ten years has to bring.  I have some pretty fabulous people along for the ride with me too - which will make it that much more fun!

So cheers to another year older and entering a new decade!!!

And honestly...when you have cuties that love you like these two love me - how can you not be excited for more years being mom to them?

I LOVE that she gives kisses.

And this kid?  He's a mama's boy for sure and I just LOVE it.  It makes me tear up thinking about this sweet boy and how much he has grown and what a wonderful little man he is!!



  1. Brilliant hashtag! Cheers to our 30s being amazing!

  2. such a cute pic of you and Charlie!! love this post :)