Friday, September 11, 2015

Five on Friday: Some projects, kids and 9/11

HAPPY FRIDAY!  It was a short week - even better!

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Project progress

Well we set a goal to complete the furniture painting progress for Charlie's new big boy room furniture.  We are painting three pieces that my parents had in there room forever - painting them gray with Annie Sloan chalk paint.  Again - just SO easy. 

Jimmy totally surprised me and got a jump start some night, so I was delighted when I walked in the guest room to find the first coat already on all the drawers with all the hardware removed.  Hopefully we can meet our 9/26 date because we have Jimmy's best friend's family staying in our guest room that night!!!  I can't wait to see everything I've got for his room to finally come together!

House projects are easier said than done these days for sure!


I just finished a two day work training that was the 7 Habits for Managers and while I know I'm a nerd about those things anyways, I really liked the principles behind the thinking and methods (I read the book a long time ago, and this was with a twist from a management perspective).  But I kept thinking that I could totally apply all of the learnings to the way I parent and "manage" my kiddos too.

I'm excited to get some new processes going at work AND at home!

Anyone else read this and implement these principles?  Apparently our elementary school uses it with the kids there starting in kindergarten which I find just fascinating!!


While I haven't been the best at keeping up with the "husband challenge", which is also part of the 21 day fix group I'm participating in for the next couple of weeks - I was on top of my game tonight.  I was supposed to give him a sweet treat.  So I had to run to the bank after work and DUH Halloween candy is already out!  Jimmy cannot say "no" to 100 grand bars or Reese's peanut butter cups!  

I loved surprising him with this sweet treat yesterday - he enjoyed it as well!! 

(Interested in the 21 day husband's challenge?  This is the book that we are following!)



Lights make a huge difference, right?  Well, my rock star dad has been busy using his electrical knowledge and skills and hard work to put in these awesome lights in our backyard!!!  The nights are FINALLY getting somewhat cooler (like 75!) so we like to go out there with just the lights on and enjoy the nights.  Yep, still so happy that we did this.  Please come and join us!!!!

(check out the whole backyard recap here)


My kids.  I swear.  Man, they are crazy, crazy kids.

But I love them to pieces.  Miss Maddie is sassy and Charlie is a perfect angel one minute and then on the floor screaming the next.  (whoever said toddlers are like drunk college kids was on to something....).

But seeing them be wild and crazy together and interact and play and laugh?  Somehow it makes all the craziness and the times I think I'm going to lose my mind SO much easier.  I'm not sure why or even if that is logical (because really with one I would less stressed, right?)....but I swear I can be so frustrated with them individually (or together) and then they go and hug or run after each other laughing - or plot against me together.  I just love them.  I never dreamed my heart could be this big.

HAPPY WEEKEND!!!!  We have a SUPER busy Saturday but I'm looking forward to some fun.

Parade/festival (where our niece is performing!!), Jimmy's first football game, Jimmy's cousin is getting married AND Charlie's BFF's, Kate, birthday party!!  I'm exhausted just thinking about Sunday morning but I can't wait!

It's also crazy to think that the 9/11 attack on NYC and the Pentagon was 14 years ago.  Doesn't seem possible that much time has gone by since that day - however, I was a junior in high school.  I will NEVER forget that day (just like everyone that lived through that).  Watching the second plane hit the twin towers on live TV is an image I can never erase from my mind.

Please take a moment to say an extra prayer for all those that lost someone they cared about during those horrific attacks and for all those rescue workers that worked that day - and those that support us everyday.



  1. I can't wait to see the painted furniture! And yes, house projects are definitely easier said than done :) I should look into a husband challenge, I think mine could use one for what he puts up LOL And OMG that picture of the kids, hilarious!!

  2. I love this picture of Charlie and Maddie ~ go girl!! I just read the post about your backyard redo and OMG it is beautiful!! I love the lights too; you guys did an absolutely gorgeous job! I'm so impressed with your furniture redo skills and all your diy. I have no kids and can't seem to get a single thing accomplished around the house. Quit making everyone else look bad. ;)

  3. Oh my goodness! That picture of your kids is adorable!
    It looks like you're keeping very busy! XOXO