Saturday, September 5, 2015

Lawrence: crafts + food + family


So, while this image is not all that true about how I feel - but ABSOLUTELY how my sweet husband feels.  He's in love with Lawrence, KU Jayhawks, and everything else that has to do with it.

Where we moved in KC, we are actually closer to Lawrence then we are to the Country Club Plaza....but we don't take advantage of the fun that Lawrence has to bring at all!! While I'm a KSU Wildcat at heart, Jimmy and I met in Lawrence so there will always be a soft spot in my heart for it.  

One of our family goals?  Take advantage of all the fun it has to offer!

So last Sunday?  We did just that.  We didn't have plans after naps and I knew that is usually when we all get at our wits end with each other (kids are sick of being in the house, we are sick of cleaning up after them and making them stop fighting), so I looked it up and Lawrence had a craft fair going on in South Park right off Mass Street.  Kids woke up - and off we went.

Charlie got to try out the headphones on the car ride there and loved them.  I am interested to see what happens when we turn Maddie's car seat around - I have a feeling once she starts talking and can verbalize her opinion that Charlie is in for a rude awakening because she likely won't be OK with watching ninja turtles nonstop.  

It was a fun little craft fair with lots of cool (and some very strange) stuff! I found an awesome necklace that I almost bought too!

The best thing we found?  HUGE bubbles!!

Oh my gosh - how fun were these.  We should have bought the sticks to keep, but then I feel like we would probably never use them, so we just had fun playing and stuck with that.

Charlie loved doing it by himself!

And this girl.  Just sits.  Unlike her brother, she's as happy as a clam in the stroller.  Thank goodness for everyone's sake!

As we walked around the whole craft fair, it was coming to an end and they had a fun band playing music in the gazebo in the middle of it.

Does it look familiar???  Haha.  #flashbackto2009

Oh yeah, this is where we got our engagement pictures taken.  Me with my black hair and all (long story).  But that's what I love about Lawrence so much. The memories we made there together are priceless and it's even more fun to take our kids there to the same places we walked before they were even thoughts in our minds.

PS that picture though - hahahhaahaa.

Anyways - back to the day.  It was great.  The kids were good (I was prepared with TONS of snacks) and there was not a crazy amount of fighting, whining, etc.  The weather was beautiful.  Beautiful.  

And it was just fun.  To be there with them.  Not thinking about work or other stresses.  But just be with the four of us.  My people.

Charlie was enjoying just aimlessly walking down the street.  It makes me realize how important it is to just LET them be from time to time.  Let them be kids.  They need it and I need the reminder every so often too.

We didn't have any big plans, which was even better.  And when the place we were planning on going to eat turned out to not be open on Sunday's (715 - but I'm kind of glad because it looks WAY too fancy for our tastes and too clean for our kids), we just changed the dinner location to a far more casual option: Pickleman's Sandwich shop.  Delicious. 

And I mean the company there?  Amazing.

Maddie and her raisin smile!!

Um - she just LOVES her dad.

No clue on her face!!

And Charlie?  Well this little man has turned into quite the lover lately.  Always telling us how he loves us and giving us hugs and kisses.  I cannot get enough.  So sweet of him!!

And what trip to Lawrence is complete without a stop at Sylas and Maddy's homemade ice cream parlor?  Not one that we make.

Seriously so good.  You must go.

However, Maddie wasn't so sure of the Cherry Limeade sherbet at first.

I mean - her expressions.  But Jimmy loved it!

And we LOVED the one scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough + fudge brownie.

Oh my.

Just what we needed.  A little family time to remember just what is most important.

And Lawrence, you are always so good to us.  A perfect way to end last weekend and a perfect reflection for me to get this next one started!!!

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