Thursday, June 23, 2016

#BoyMom box swap revealed!

As if we didn't have enough took on, I couldn't help myself but to sign Charlie up for the blogger boy mom swap when I saw it on Sarah's blog.  Because really- who doesn't love a) getting mail and b) surprise mail/package at that!!!??

I was so very excited when I got the email that I was paired up with Stephanie from Run, Knit, Hitched blog. Why?! Well, she and her family also live in Kansas City (really we are right down the highway from each other) and I already "knew" her a bit through following her as a fellow KC blogger. 

She was on top of things and sent me over a great list of things that her son, Jack, is into, as well as a few fun ideas for things that she likes.  I, on the other hand, was a slacker in sending an email back to her with ideas for Charlie and me...but luckily, she knew my sister was getting married around when we were supposed to be doing all this so she was forgiving :)

Anyway- onto the fun reveal!  Side note- my dad has taken it on as his sole job to go get our mail every day at our house. He's the best and also uses it as an excuse to check on our contractor daily with progress reports sent via text to Jimmy and me.  So lucky for us, we had the package that went to our house, hand delivered by him to my parents.  I knew Charlie was going to be so excited!

I told him I had a surprise for him and that was it- he couldn't focus after that! So I took him over to my parents ottoman and we carefully used the scissors to cut open our fun package!

Stephanie had everything wrapped up so cute and designated "Charlie" and "Brittany" and even had a sweet note with KC Royals stickers!  Charlie pulled out the tissue wrapped stuff immediately!

Stephanie and Jack put lots of fun stuff in there for him- including a cup with a "4" on it for his upcoming birthday, some awesome Go Fish cards (sister has commandeered those already and slept with them multiple times- she's an interesting one!), and of course his favorite...GUM! She got him the kids sugar free orbit and it was a hit.

If you cannot see from the picture above, the big hit though? Ninjago Lego "thing". Worst boy mom because I'm not quite sure what it's called but let me tell you- this kid is obsessed with ninjas and anything he was SOOOO excited!  Wanted me to open it immediately and dump all the pieces out and build it for him.

But since Stephanie had put some other fun goodies for mom in the box too (which was so sweet!), I had Charlie open those too.  She got me the cutest little make up type bag that is the perfect size to throw in my purse...AND a gift certificate to try out Black Dog Coffee - which is a local place just down the street that has the best toast (or so I've heard)!  Stephanie had posted a picture of it on IG and I commented on it - so I loved the personal touch.  She's the sweetest!!! :) 

After all the goodies were opened, we dumped all the Legos out and mama got to building.  It was a cool thing that you can pull and it flew in the air.  Of course we had to go outside in Nana and Papa's backyard to do it over and over again.  It was (and still is a huge hit).

...if you cannot tell from his face :)  As for this little sister, Maddie still has the "4" cup and go fish cards in the play shopping cart that she pushes around my parents house (along with my cell phone most days...), but Charlie made sure to eat all the gum and share a bit.

Thank you, so much to Stephanie and Jack for such a fun surprise box and goodies.  Again, we just loved getting the mail to have something fun (and not junk or bills!).  And since we are so close - Stephanie and I are planning to get together at some point likely once the baby comes!

Thanks for hosting Liz, Sarah and Stephanie for hosting!


  1. What a fun box! My boy is obsessed with Ninjas and Ninjago, too! I love his face when playing with the toy. So cute.

  2. So happy you guys liked everything! I must admit I had never heard of the Ninjago stuff before this! I feel like I'm clueless on so much that is out there! Not to mention all the girl stuff that I know nothing about...we'll see how long I can get away with giving Allison all of Jack's old toys ;)

  3. So fun! I love that you were paired with Stephanie!!!!

  4. How fun!! I bet Charlie was sooo excited!

  5. I have the same little zipper pouch. It's one of my favorite things from the Mother's Day box swap we did.

  6. It's always fun to receive something in the mail, other than bills. Even if it is for our kids. Looks like your friend did well with picking out things for your boy.