Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Only 6 weeks left!

How Far Along?   Here we are.  I was 34 weeks along last Thursday- so almost to the 5 week mark until due date.  how is that possible????  Where did this pregnancy go?  However I am SOOO excited to meet this little baby!

Size of Baby: about the size of an butternut squash (17.7 in and 4.63lbs - keep growing!!!!); my stomach is tight and as Charlie reminds me every night "your stomach is getting so big mom!!"

Gender: It's a SURPRISE - I seriously go back and forth in what I think it is! Lately I've been feeling boy but who knows.  Either boy or girl as long as they tell me "I love Mommy" like my baby girl did when I was putting her to bed tonight. Literally melt my heart. 

Weight Gain: getting BIG! Up I think about 30! I think I gained around 40 with my other two so right on track.  I've been working out about 3 mornings a week still with this one so I call that a win and am absolutely not focused on that scale!

Nursery: I have the dresser hardware in my possession.  I picked up an adorable side table from Target this weekend and Hillary showed me the must have touch lamp (now I just want to find it in navy!).  

I need to decide if I'm getting a decal or not...AND I really want to do a hanging peg board over the dresser/changing pad.  We struggled with where all the diaper stuff went with Maddie and I felt like the dresser was always cluttered.  And how awesome is this idea from Pinterest??

However, we were on project "pretty much move out of our first floor" last week after my sisters wedding because our cabinets are getting painted and all the wood and walls downstairs.  I thought we were crazy but since we had to get out of our house for awhile...I'm very thankful we decided to do it before baby because omg we have so much stuff!  But we are excited!


Jimmy- thank you so much for finding the crib hardware. 

Jimmy- please seal the painted dresser (I can't because the fumes are horrible!). 

Movement: loving feeling the movement- one of the things I just love about the end of pregnancy. So much.

Symptoms: when you're just so uncomfortable because your stomach is getting big and you gnaw on tums all day and you run out of breath walking up the stairs.  Oh jeez!!

Sleep:  can we go on vacation and just sleep? Haha. Our kids want to get to bed later and later because of summer! But getting to just lay down on my side makes me happy!

Cravings: Coke slushie from Casey's gas station.  Btw did I mention it's been like 100 degrees and so humid?!?

What I Miss: I did have my first non-alcoholic beer every thanks to my sister in law and it tasted so good!

Best Moment This (these) Week(s): I mean not to get al sentimental but seriously- I'm so thankful to be having another sweet baby and am just praying for their health and the health of my other two miracles.  This momma's heart can't wait to get even bigger.  Watching my sister get married made me very thankful for siblings and so happy that my two have each other just like she and I did for life.  And adding a third is such a blessing!

Panic Moment This Week:  when you realize that not only are you having a baby next month but your other 2 kids also have birthdays and you have nothing planned. Thank goodness I'm a fast decision maker :) done and done for birthday celebration plans in July for kid #1 and #2 - just waiting for when kid #3 will surprise us!

Looking Forward To:  Almost to the one month mark- I need to wrap up baby stuff and work stuff but really whenever the baby is ready to come, I'm game :)


  1. You amaze me with the birthday planning, having your kitchen redone, AND working out 3 times a week? You look amazing. I can't wait to see your kitchen and the baby's nursery!! (I may have to steal some nursery ideas.) Also, I'm going BOY!!!!

  2. oh gosh so close! You look so great! And, the movement is just the best. A sleep vacation sounds amazing pregnant or not!

  3. Oh my gosh, 6 weeks left!?! That's crazy! I'm so excited for you guys! You have been so busy, I don't know how you do it! Can't wait to see your kitchen!