Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Kicking off summer birthdays- Barb then and now!

Have I mentioned between Jimmy and I's family we have a TON of summer birthdays!!! Technically, depending on when you say summer actually started- our niece Kenlie and SIL, Shellie, probably kicked this off- they celebrated in May!! Kenlie had an amazing Paris party with her friends that Shellie threw and then Shellie turned the big 4-0 that we got to celebrate with her the Sunday before Memorial Day!

Then in June we have my mom (June 14), Maddie (July 4), Mike, one of Jimmy's brothers (July 9), baby carter #3 (due July 21 but actually date TBD), my dad (July 27), Charlie (July 31), Jimmy's dad (August 3), another brother, Tim (August 7), our new BIL, Casey (August 9), SIL, Lindsay (August 11), Jimmy's parents anniversary (August 23), our niece, Libbie (August 26) and then me (August 28). 

That's a whole lot of birthday-ing from mid-May until the end of August right?!?  But as my own is in August, I'm a fan of summer birthdays- next July will be nuts too (and likely every July to come) with our 3 kiddos all having birthdays!

Anyways, last year, my parents, sister and I were in London for my mom's 60th birthday- this year we are staying at her house for the week while the cabinets at ours get painted. So after kids were in bed (and my mom!), I had some fun hunting through old photos and snapping pictures on the wall of my mom, dad and our family and a few of her friends and family through the years.  I shared these on Facebook, but thought they were too fun not to share on my blog! I absolutely love looking at ones of my parents pre-kids too- anyone else? There are a few I found sprinkled in!!!!

So happy birthday, mom and looking forward to another fun year of adventure - you added another son to the family when Lyndsay got married a few weeks ago and adding another grandkid- so this next year is only going to get more exciting!

Cheers to summer birthday celebrations!


  1. Don't forget Libbie's Birthday on 8/26 and my parents Anniversary on 8/24

  2. And Casey's birthday on August 9th. He's family now Bernie

  3. I really had a great time with your post! I am looking forward to read more blog post regarding this! Well written!