Friday, June 10, 2016

Five new goods for baby #3

I took a nice little two week unanticipated blogging break!  Now I'm back.  With my sister's wedding, pure third trimester exhaustion at night, packing up pretty much our entire first floor and crazy time at work- haven't had any time to blog, which is always a bummer.  I've also not even had time to read people's blogs - so excuse me while I go back to some of my favorites and comment away!  But guess what?!? It's Friday and we don't have much going on this weekend so I'm ready for a break!

As July 21 is beginning to creep up on me...and baby #3 will be here in no time (6 weeks or less - WHAT?!!?!!?), I've been going through a mental list in my head of things that we actually need to buy.  Which, thankfully, is actually not much!!  (one definite perk of having a boy and girl already...having everyone two years the same month)

However, there are a few things I'm in need of.  Here is my short list:

1. Diaper Bag (backpack version for sure)
2. Camera for nursery
3. Nursing cover (combo)
4. New baby carrier
5. New breastpump through insurance

Mamas of multiple babies that already have a bunch of stuff - anything that I'm missing?

So since the list is is what I'm thinking for each of these.

1. Diaper Bag

I said I think I want a backpack.  This is not a necessity for sure (as my Vera Bradley one that I used with Maddie is still in AWESOME shape), but I need some empty hands with these three kids in I'm leaning towards a back pack one so I can be a little more hands/shoulder free (my experience is just that they get so heavy and when I wear on one shoulder it can hurt so bad after holding and carrying around a while).  So which one to choose?

The one I have featured here is the Petunia Pickle bottom one that everyone does seem to rave about - which I think would be great...except for the price point.  I'm guessing this one from Skip Hop would likely be just as good for half the price.  :)  So I'm guessing that is more what we will go with!

2. Camera/Baby Monitor for Nursery

Well, we have had this Motorola baby monitor for 4 years now.  Eek.  I've read lots of articles and reviews saying that most people aren't that lucky.  While it's not perfect (not the clearest picture, can't completely turn the sound off, not so good night vision), it has FOR SURE served its purpose over the last 4 years.  We bought a second camera when we had Maddie and again, it's worked fine.  We could just go out and drop another hundred or so and get a third camera and just scan through like we do now...but I'm worried about the monitor/old cameras might stop working.  We have had to replace the cords many time (Jimmy finds replacements on Amazon)...but since it's not my favorite thing, I've been researching the Nest cameras.  They are A LOT more expensive (well especially when it's X3 kids), but when we eventually stop stalking monitoring our kids, we can for sure put these awesome cameras to use elsewhere in the house - like the playroom, basement, main room, etc.    I have a neighbor that uses 3 in her house (one for her son's room, one for the playroom and then for their main room) and loves it so much.  The only downside I can see is (A) wifi connection - have to have it and hopefully people don't break in and (B) if you are using your iPhone/any device, you have to have the app to view up and can't do anything else.  So I couldn't, you know, scroll through IG and watch my kids at the same time.

Anyone have thoughts, suggestions on this?

3. Nursing cover

So have you seen this super fancy schmancy nursing cover + car seat cover + scarf + cart cover combo?  It's soooo awesome!  I think back to the first nursing cover I had with Charlie with the ring, etc. and love this one for all over coverage.  Plus the fact that you can wear it as a cute scarf and then put it on the car seat.  I love it so much!

4. Baby Carrier
More kids....less hands....increases the need for baby carrying.  We do have an Ergo from Maddie, which I loved but she was born just before the next generation one came out that you can wear them forward facing - so I'm dying to try this one out!

5. New breastpump

While, yes, I got one with both Maddie and Charlie, they both got LOTS of use.  Lots.  Ugh, the sound of the pump is already hunting me.  But after nursing Charlie for 14 months and pumping constantly at work and then with Maddie for 12 months (and dragging the pump to two different countries...), I love that insurance provides a free pump with each birth.  I love it.  Best benefit ever.  I'll likely get the same one because it worked great.  It was so nice last time to have 2 pumps also for one to keep at my house stationary and then one to take back and forth to work.  Amazing!  (PS When I worked at Hallmark with Charlie, the had hospital grade pumps in their mom's rooms!!  So awesome!)

Other things we will for sure need to buy new are some new bottle supplies.
We started out as a Dr. Brown's bottle family and so far, it's worked out well for us.  While I did buy a few new bottles for Maddie - we now have TONS of bottles and parts, but it was nice to just buy new nipples for I'll be going through all the bottle parts and making sure they are in good shape and likely by some new nipples for the bottles in different sizes.  Oh...and for sure a new bottle cleaning brush - those get GROSS with each kid.

Obvious things also...diapers, wipes and some new blankets (we love Aiden and Anias and Charlie still carries his arround in our house after he wakes up in the morning).  Pacifiers maybe too?  Charlie never took one and Maddie didn't at first but then did and it was awesome!

What else?  Any other revolutionary baby items that I need to know about that you recommend?  I feel like I researched everything so much with Charlie, just a bit with Maddie and with this baby it literally hasn't crossed my mind because we have so much baby stuff in the basement.

Also, I completely forgot to send in the hospital pre-registration form (OOPS), as when I got all the paperwork at my first doctor's appointment with this baby, I just threw it in our file cabinet.  Luckily, I was clearing all those out for our cabinet painting this week and found it!  I don't know what I was thinking!!  Oh dear!

Happy Friday and happy happy weekend - if you can drink, please drink a few cold ones for me :)

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  1. That nursing cover/car seat cover has me intrigued!!!

  2. Ok I have a comment on all 5 items! 1) Yes get a backpack diaper bag!!! It's a game changer, for sure! Check Craiglist or some of those Fb swap & shop groups. I found mine on Craigslist for $80 and sold my old diaper bag for like, $ it seemed well worth it! And I bet you could sell your Vera Brandley bag easily! 2) Craig was just telling me about these Nest monitors. He said one would be nice for the basement so we can send our kids down to the bounce house and watch from the comfort of our couch! ;) 3) Those Covered Goods covers are adorable! I don't even breastfeed for very long, but I still want one for Baby #3! 4) A carrier is on my list, too! All we have is a Bjorn and I'd love something for smaller babes. And 5) Perhaps I'll look into a new pump because why not if it's free?! Maybe it would help my milk supply. I've used the same one for both kids and it was also a hand-me-down from a co-worker and about 8 years old now, so it's safe to say I could use a new one. Great list and yay for blogging again!