Friday, September 23, 2016

Five things: Bandaids, DIY and end of leave

So it's "officially" fall- but I'm not buying it with these 90 degree temps in KC!!!  Looking forward to next week when it's a HIGH of 70s each day- yes!!!  


First things first.  How is September almost over???  But remember about the link up/Instagram posts promoting Noah's bandage project!!!  Even if you can't grab some bandaids or donate- I so appreciate your support in spreading the word about this amazing project and family!! See this post for more details and the image for the link up for next Wednesday!


You know I'm a sucker for DIY projects.  But DIY with all the supplies provided + you can bring your own drinks in...I'm sold!!  A girl I went to college with recently opened the most amazing store called Pink Antlers that I've been dying to go check out.  So when I saw the post about a workshop October 2 where you get to make this adorable double sided sign....

...I immediately asked some neighbor friends if they were interested in going with me!!! And now I'm so excited for a girls afternoon DIY session and for this amazing sign!!!!  And j can't wait to see the whole amazing store!!


 How about some more DIY for super cheap?  I'm SO excited to try out this DIY sign that a friend and other local KC blogger from Baby by Oakley posted earlier this week.  I've had an idea to do a sign with Jimmy's favorite toast about the bar area my dad put in earlier this year but wasn't sure I wanted to spend a ton of money on a personalized one.  So this is just the perfect way to give it a try with some extra scrap wood, chalk and paint pens!!!  Thanks Mackenzie for an awesome tutorial and tip!  Check out her blog post here.


While we didn't have fall weather this week...we sure pretended with a fire pit (pot) and some smores!  In Iowa last weekend, the house we rented had a fire pit out back and Charlie was just dying for smores.  Even though we didn't get any, Papa held his promise that Charlie would get some!  And be delivered Wednesday night!!  We all enjoyed some yummy smores - but they would have been much better with Reese's instead of just chocolate!  But isn't everything better with peanut butter????!!

These two are crazy!!!


This guy.  He was two months old this week - which is crazy!!  With the end of the quarter coming and the beginning of another forecast cycle, I'm back to work in just a week and a half, which doesn't seem possible.  We had a minor day care issue--- but I'm so relieved that's resolved and I'm happy to say that Mikey is starting up on October 5, which is the same day I go back to work. 

I'm going to miss his ADORABLE face and snuggles and the amazing smiles!!!!! Ugh - he's so awesome!!

Charlie is going to miss the Mikey snuggles and morning silliness!!!  Mikey - likely not so much :)

Me and my babe!!!!!!!

And so are the lazy mornings where I can drink and enjoy coffee and my breakfast with my little man and the Today show.  Such is life.  I am excited to see my coworker's (because they are the best!), but I'm anxious about the morning routine.  I have gotten into good daily workouts and eating healthy and want to continue!!! So I'm kicking off my first challenge group and there are some amazing ladies in it and ready to kick some work out butt starting October 3 (want to join in the fun???  Go here for more details!) Ahhh!!! I can do this!! 

We have some fun weekend activities planned and I'm looking forward to my last weekend before my last full week of leave!!! Happy Friday!

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  1. I am so excited to participate in Noah's Bandage Project! The kids and I mailed ours off the other day and they were so excited to help. :) I love DIY and those ideas are so much fun! Boo to leave ending but I'm sure you will both rock it! HAve a great weekend!

  2. Yay for DIY! Your signs will turn out great! Thanks for sharing :) We are SO excited to help spread the word about Noah's Bandage Project - thank you so much for organizing!!

  3. I can't wait to hear about all the others who've participated in the bandaid project. I'm dying to hear the final count of all the bandaid boxes collected.
    Those DIY projects are so cute. And going to do them with friends, with drinks?! Yep. Sign me up!

  4. I can't believe your maternity leave is coming to an end so quickly! But then again, July seems like a distant memory at this point! Enjoy your last week, my friend!

  5. How can you be going back to work already?! You just had Mikey!