Friday, December 9, 2016

Five things that are so random

This week was filled with lots of stuff.  The weekend was busy and I had something two nights this week, which I'm not a huge fan of - because I like putting my kiddos (really Mikey) to bed.  And I don't like leaving Jimmy alone to do the solo bed times.  He can totally do it, but I know first hand it's exhausting!!  Did I mention he's the best?  In addition to this week (and some Christmas fun) - there were some AMAZING stuff that I found that I must share.


I'm postive you have seen Amanda Bell's video from snapchat about Kohl's cash.  If not, you must watch.  If you've seen it, just watch again.  I literally laugh out loud the whole time.  I love this and it's soooo true.


And this one.  Oh my.  If men breastfed instead of women.  SERIOUSLY.  Can I have a lounge like this at work??  #forrealz

"what are you pumping?" - oh my!


In other random news - I literally HAVE to stop buying stuff on the internet.  AHHH!!  My porch literally looks like this every other day.  No more Christmas presents please!  (In good news, I think I'm *almost* done shopping!).

But in the meantime, I have also purchased random/awesome stuff for our house - like this new ottoman that I'm so excited about.  Vanessa has it in her house and I've loved it for a long time and it was on super sale on Black Friday - so DONE.

Maddie likes it too.  And I was hoping to get a picture when it's not pitch black outside - but #reallife is that I'm never home during the week when it's light outside except for like 10 minutes right at 5:00 when we all walk back in the door.  So you get this crappy photo!  Plus don't you love all the random kids in it? HA.  #mylife

But I think it's a hit!

Oh and these matching mom/daughter dresses to wear on Christmas Eve (hopefully they actually get here in time!)


Need some meal prep tips/recipe ideas?  Seriously, I found an amazing recipe that I made on Sunday for lunch everyday and it was DELICIOUS.  I shared with my challenge group and everyone has loved how good and easy it was.  Check it out on my health and fitness blog!


Christmas parties and Christmas mania!  Tis the season, right?  We had two parties last weekend and one this weekend.  We have already been to visit Santa (yeah!), our elf, Tony, came back and we are gearing up for our neighborhood holiday hay ride this next week.  I still need to finish addressing our Christmas cards that I have had for like a month and get stuff ready for Mikey's baptism lunch next weekend.  SO.MUCH.FUN.  Exhausting, but fun.

Pics from my work Christmas party at the Intercontinental hotel on the plaza!  Love my finance team and my Pi Phi work ladies!

Neighbor progressive dinner fun - love Kaiser and MacKenzie's sequin skirt!  

TONY is back!!!!  And Christmas PJs - duh.

Tonight we are going bowling with some friends for our small group - Charlie has only tried it once at a friend's birthday party, so I'm excited/terrified to see how it goes!  Wish us luck and happy weekending - only TWO weekends before Christmas!!!  Hope you have a great weekend ahead and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I've seen that Kohls video like 50 times already and it's still so funny! And OMG that men breastfeeding video!!! That ottoman is so pretty and those dresses are going to be adorbs! I hope you get in time! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. So I'll have to see what Christmas Eve service you're going to because I just put three dresses in my cart!! Too bad they don't have a baby version of that dress! It's so cute and looks so comfy.

    1. YESSS! I hope we go to the same one and we will all match! That would be so fun :) I hope it gets here on time and is all that I hope it will be!

  3. omg that Kohls video is amazing...I guess I've been under a rock this week b/c this is the first time I'm seeing it!!! I love a good snapchat filter rant ;) Oh and I also just bought two new ottomans this past week...haha...showed up yesterday and love them! yay! Yours is beautiful and fits your room perfectly...even in the dark photos!

    1. I mean the video CRACKS me up! I'm glad I could show it to someone for the first time! And I loved the snapchat of your cat on your new ottomans!

  4. Every single day I have a package on my doorstep. I refuse to shop any other way than online. At least this way I know I'm doing my part in keeping my mailman, FedEx and UPS driver busy this holiday season. Job security and all.

    1. I am like you - refuse to go to the store! I went to Target to get gift cards for teachers on Saturday and it was INSANE. I won't go back!!!

  5. Those videos! Both of them! I'm dying. Thanks for the laughs!