Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas {cards!}

Merry Christmas Eve to all!!!

Wanted to share our Christmas cards this year!! Instead of doing professional photos (the timing is off for the ones we already have for Mikey's first year pictures- since we will do his 6 month ones just after the first of the year and he's changed so much since July I didn't want to use his newborn ones!), I had my sister come with us to our cliche neighborhood waterfall and snap some pictures of our family - and really of our kids.

She got some good ones-- cheesy smiles and all!! Hahaha. I love these kids!

And we did get a good family one too- the waterfall was a bit cold with the water splashing up on us, but they turned out great.  Thanks Lyndsay for taking these for us!!

I ordered 100 cards from my go to Costco this year thinking that would be plenty and I still have like 10 people that sent us one but I ran out to send back to them. Dang!!! Next year order more??!!

I LOVE this time of year and getting cards- of everyone's beautiful family's!  So thank you to all that sent one to us!!

Also, I actually have enjoyed the elf this year and made it less stressful on myself--- and the kids loved it!!!  But tony said goodbye today with one last trick!

Can't wait for Santa to come tonight and for church and dinner and all the goodness of family time that comes with this season!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!

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