Saturday, December 24, 2016

Mikey gets baptized!

Last Sunday was a pretty special day for our littlest man.  He got baptized!

It was a SNOWY morning - we had the first big snow/ice of the winter season in Kansas City the day before and pretty much most of the city was shut down, so we were thrilled that the streets were cleared somewhat and all of our family still made it out to our church to witness Mikey's special morning!

Of course as a mom, always nervous at how your kids will behave on stage - and I'm happy to report, everyone did great!  Maddie even took directions from the pastor and got the towel when he asked!!  We had our family up there and Mikey's godparents, Pat and Trish on stage with us.  We are so lucky to have an amazing family on both sides and blessed that Pat and Trish are willing to take on the responsibility of being that godly example that he needs.

I will mention that it was ugly sweater day at church - which was quite hilarious and we stood out a TON with our fancy clothes (we normally just wear jeans/leggings to church).  But it was a fun event and I did love seeing everyone's ugly sweaters - and even one of the pastor's dressed up as Cousin Eddie!  

After the service, it felt a little like a wedding because I had everyone take pictures.  I know pictures are annoying and we were in a bit of a rush because everyone was coming over for lunch after the service, BUT I'm always so happy that we captured these moments and the people that were there. And family pictures like this.  So thank you to everyone who stayed and took pictures with us (and of us!!)

Mikey with Grana and Pops!

Mikey with great grandmother and great grandaddy!!  So happy they could make it out to see Mikey get baptized (great grandkid number 6 for them!)

Mikey and his Godparents - Uncle Pat and Aunt Trish!

The whole "Bruns" crew!  And doesn't my sister's hair look amazing?  Haha - that's the first thing I said when I saw this picture!!

After we got home, I rushed around to get lunch set out because we had some HUNGRY people.  I ended up not doing anything fancy and just got a meat and cheese tray from HyVee, some Hawaiian buns (YUM!).  I also made a double batch (thank goodness because it was all gone!) of instant pot macaroni and cheese for everyone. My MIL brought some veggie and fruit trays and my mom brought ramen salad and my grandmother brought deviled eggs!

The dessert and stocked bar (Jimmy's only job that he took very seriously!)

The man of the hour was sleepy and stayed asleep just so I could get everything ready before it was time for him to eat!

You know you have a big family when just one side of your immediate family is almost 25 people...but I wouldn't have it any other way and can only pray that someday Jimmy and I are this blessed to have such a wonderful family on both sides.  Love that both sides are so close to us.

After we ate, it was time for some good old fashioned cousin fun!  These Carter cousins are the best and our kids just LOVE playing with them and cannot get enough.  It's so fun!

The next day, Libbie sent me these selfies that Kenlie (who is 10) snapped of her and Mikey.  haha.  And I had to capture the amazing card that Kenlie made for Mikey.  I just love her and her creativity - she puts her heart into it and it's amazing!

Love this little man and so happy to welcome him into the church and start his own journey with God.  Our church just added on a HUGE addition for kids and I love that he will get to experience that and all the amazing people there and learn from us and his big siblings!

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  1. Congrats to your baby. What a blessed event. Your dress is pretty. We have a big family too, so I can totally relate.