Thursday, December 8, 2016

Mikey's milestones: month 4

You GUYSSSSS.  Mikey is growing up WAY too fast.  Please tell me how to make time slow down.  What's crazy is that I don't even feel like it's going THAT fast day by day - but then I look back and the weeks and months have literally flown by since he's arrived.  It is so fun because I feel like I really enjoy these baby stages so much more with him - and the milestones are just piling up. 

So instead of waiting until his monthly post - I figured, do it now!  AH - how is it possible that I am ACTUALLY on top of documenting things for a third kid?  Oh right - because my Christmas cards have been begging to be addressed for like a month.  Oops - but really, Mr. Mikey deserves this blog attention!! He's been doing some rock star things!

First up:  ROLLING

Ok, so he did this a few weeks ago.  But really, he did it three whole times before I ever caught a glimpse of it.  For real.  Every time, I would walk away I swear for like 10 seconds and BOOM.  He would do it and Jimmy would be like - you missed it again!  So I finally caught him on video when it was just me and my boys one night (Jimmy and Maddie were on a CVS run + McDonald's date).  I was so excited!  Such a big boy.  Proud of him and slightly terrified that I cannot just lay him wherever now!

Charlie loving on (kind of!) him after his big roll!

PS - are you curious what Charlie says at the end?  Haha - he is saying "Miguel Almaguer".  Oh yes, that is the NBC Reporter's name.  You guys - this started as Jimmy calling Mikey, Miguel.  And we watch NBC nightly news where he is on it  - and not even kidding, Maddie and Charlie (and Jimmy) legit say it ALL the time to Mikey.  And they even have like a 3 minute thing after it (they say "greetings and salutations, my friend." and then like 5 other things that I know, but cannot remember).  It's weird but hilarious all at once.  I guess it is better than Pot Roast (Maddie's nickname!)

Next milestone?  EATING!  

Oh yeah baby.  So at his 4 month check up, he dropped from 71% in weight down to 38% (his height spiked up to 96% from 88%), so the doctor wasn't super concerned, but suggested that if he was already good at sitting in his high chair and holding his head up (which he was), to start feeding him cereal and see if he likes it and that might add some extra calories.

So we came home and tried it and BOOM.  It was a complete success.  Not kidding.  I was worried because Charlie and Maddie both took a while (I feel like) to get a hang of the whole eating thing and what the heck to do with their tongue.  He was just like - I got this.  The second time I gave him the cereal, he literally kept like all of it in his mouth and his bib was barely dirty!  I was so impressed.

I will tell you that it's not easy feeding this kid...because Charlie and Maddie like always want to be touching him.  Constantly.

Just watch this video of the first time I tried to feed him.  I started in the highchair and it went ok - but then Maddie wouldn't get away from him.  So we moved to the bumbo on the floor.  Poor kid just wants to EAT!!!  And Maddie is all trying to shove a pacifier in his mouth and wait - did you hear his older brother having a 4 year old tantrum in the background.  It's always something with someone!! 

I will say - if Mikey can thrive in all of this - he can do anything!!  Perks of being a third kid I guess!

This week, we moved on to sweet potatoes and guess what!?!  They were a HIT.

This baby food stage can be so hard and kind of annoying because it's just extra stuff to take to feed them and then I'm guessing I'll forget most of the time, but I'm for sure trying to make it interactive and fun and not stressful.  We tried some avocados too mashed up and those were a hit.  Just trying different foods to make sure no allergies and then I feel like he will be eating regular food in NO TIME.  Like how the heck does that happen!  Still taking plenty of breastmilk from the bottle and the boob, so he's loving all the calories he can get.

But there you go - a mid-month, milestone update.  Oh Mikey, he's just the cutest little thing!!


  1. Omg Miguel Almaguer! Bahahaha that is awesome. So funny!

  2. ok seriously...the Miguel thing is hilarious. Also...i love that you're not afraid to post videos with your kids being KIDS...aka Charlie freaking out in the background :) Real life for the win!