Monday, December 26, 2016

5 months old!

Five months has just come and gone.  Mikey doesn't even seem like a little bitty baby anymore and I'm not sure how that happens.  I was talking to my SIL the other day that has a little man 2 months older and it's just crazy how the first year literally flies by - even though this is my third time through the first year of a little one's life, it amazes me how much they change and grow in just a short amount of time.  The development of a child is fascinating and they learn SO much in just a year or two - it's amazing!  But also bittersweet because that means that little baby has to grow up.

Length: ??
Weight: ?? 
Head: ??

We had a great month #5 with lots of milestones and fun.  Whenever there are holidays, you know it's a good month too - with first Thanksgiving in there, you got to see family more and spend some quality family time at home with our crazy crew.  

  • You are so happy (still), which is amazing and I hope it keeps up!  People comment on it a lot because you sure are smiling a lot and very calm
  • Still LOVE the Johnny jumper and exersaucer.  Sometimes I feel like you're in that most of the day when we are at home - but it's so much better than having you lay on the floor!  
  • Still a good sleeper and in the Dock a tot - at school, you're just in a crib and you are rolling ont your tummy and Ms Marie says you're a tummy sleeping lover.  We did try to take you out of the dock a tot one night at home and it didn't go I guess you can keep sleeping on your tummy at school until we get brave enough to break the dock a tot cycle here!
  • You're such a great and consistent sleeper, that I feel bad how frustrated I get when you won't go to sleep or have trouble going down.  I have found myself reminding myself what your older siblings were like and that a few nights here or there are a blessing (they were much worse - you're amazing!)
  • Loving the 6 month clothes from Charlie - I must have done some serious shopping with him for that size of clothes because they are super cute!
  • Size 2 diapers still!
  • You make yourself known when you want something - but for the most part are still pretty quiet.  Sometimes at home I even forget that you're hanging out because you're so quiet!!!
  • Ms Marie is your favorite - we have been sending 3, 6-7 ounce bottles each day - you take 2 at day care with her and then one right when we get home from school/work.  Then after that bottle, you eat some baby food (you have had sweet potatoes, carrots and green beans so far).  
  • You're rolling both ways - and do so like immediately when you lay on your stomach or back (you roll the other way).  Awesome milestone, but slightly terrifying because we can't leave you unattended at all anymore!
  • Here is a whole post on some of your milestones this month (I was somewhat on it, right?)
  • First time in a big kid high chair at a restaurant!

Things you like:
  • You love breastmilk and now you LOVE baby food - it makes me excited to look forward to the more food exploration to come.
  • You have the BEST little giggle and are so ticklish - I freaking love it!
  • Can finally carry you around easily with you on my hip and you seem to really like that view and that I involve you in lots of stuff (you know, cooking, cleaning, etc!  You're a baby pro!)
Things you don't like:
  • When you have a dirty diaper (DUH)
  • When you're overtired (but really, who doesn't??!!)
  • You get HANGRY sometimes - especially if we are not feeding you food fast enough
  • You are still not the best/fastest burper and that causes for some screaming and tummy pain immediately after eating (especially if we try to lay you down!)
  • Still not a fan of screaming - in particular the girls at daycare and your sister.

Special memories:
  • Your first Thanksgiving is in the books!  We have a lot to be thankful for this year - especially you, Mikey!
  • Tony the elf came and you got to experience the first Christmas season at our house (which starts early because your dad LOVES Christmas!)
  • Your first of many Carter Christmas Classic (you weren't originally going to attend - but it turned out just the way it should have right?)
  • Your second visit to Santa, first neighborhood hay ride --- man was it COLD!
  • Your first snow! (no pictures - trust me it, it was TOO cold for you!)
  • And finally - you got baptized!!  It was an awesome day - December 18, so just right before you turned 5 months old.  Such a special day my little love!

A note to our sweet boy:

The holidays (and really life...) is so much better with you, sweet boy.  We love having you here and all the fun you bring.  I always felt like adding a baby to mix would be so stressful, but you've made it anything but that.  While it is some extra work, you seem to fit right into everything and go with the flow.  You did get your first cold (and it's miserable to see you like that!), but for the most part, it's been business as usual.  You seem to ebb and flow with all the changing things that we do as a family and we couldn't appreciate that flexible spirit more.  We love your laugh and sweet snuggles.  Can't wait to see how much fun this next month will be and can't believe it will be your HALF birthday in January!!  Time flies and we fall in love more and more

Your mom (and dad)


Just for fun - here is Charlie and Maddie's five month side by side picture.

Some outtakes - hands ALWAYS in the mouth.  Such a huge drool monster!

Oh Charlie!

Big brother couldn't get enough of him and wanted to join in!

Selfie with mama before bathtime.  This is my FAVORITE with just me and you and I'm so selfish and don't want to move you into the big bath because of it!

Your big sister loves you SO much.

Chiefsss!!!!!  Hopefully you'll be a good luck charm for the Chiefs this year!

First time bowling with our church small group!

Kisses after momma's work out (you love to watch!)

Oh you and this guy - best of friends.

Maddie rubbed marker all over your face - oops!

After the hayride you were POOPED!

More sister loving!

My world!

Here's to another fun month!

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  1. Oh my gosh so much sweetness going on here! Mikey is just so freaking adorable!! You make me remember how awesome it was to have a little baby, I miss that so much! Those pictures of Charlie and Mikey in the bear are awesome, and all the sibling pics are just too cute! I hope you all had a great Christmas!!