Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mikey's 6 month doughnut shop pictures

Family pictures.  Hate scheduling and getting ready for them.  The outfit coordination.  Location.  And just the drama of a family of five wrapped in can be so stressful.  

While this particular photo shoot was originally scheduled to be on MLK day at our house in KC, due to some weather issues of Ali getting to KC, we had to reschedule.  Since she's based out of Wichita, we decided to make it a fun trip down there to stay with my BFF, Lauren, and her family and then meet Ali that Sunday morning for doughnuts and to snap some pictures.  The only way this trip could have been more fun is if we would've gotten some play time with Ali and her crew - because every time we get together....it's so much fun and we are always wishing we lived next door to each other.  

We met at the Donut Whole in Wichita on Sunday morning at 8:45 and just like she always does, she captured our family just perfectly.  It's not all sunshine and roses with our family.  EVER.  I feel like that's the one thing that can often be a misconception due to social media.  I try to be transparent as possible and while these pictures aren't perfect and everyone isn't looking or smiling (and she didn't send me any of Maddie's epic fit!!!)...I love the realness of these.  This first picture makes me tear up.  It's real life.  Our real life.  Sippy cups.  Coffee.  Doughnuts and just so much love for these three people.  Love and desire to want to be the best parents for them and teach them to love one another but have fun at the same time.

So thank you, Ali.  I love that we highlighted Mikey, but also the wonderful dynamic that only 6 months into his life he has brought to our family.  While everyone focused on the chaos a third kid would bring, these pictures demonstrate so well the LOVE that he brought to our family.  Our love for him and the sibling bond that keeps growing stronger between these three.

Enjoy!  (there are a lot - but it's my blog, so I choose to post them all! haha!)

Love this brotherly love.  So much.

He's crazy.  I love it.

Such a big boy!!!

The only one where everyone is looking :)  And that's just fine with me.  I like those laughs so much better!

My girl.  She'll move mountains.

When did he get SO big?

Loving his dad.  TWINS. 

I'm so thankful God gave this man a daughter.

Ali took us outside and captured these and they are MY FAVORITE.

Again - thank you SO much, Ali!  I love getting to spend time with you and see your work in capturing our growing family.


  1. OMG! These are so beautiful! My favorites are the family ones with you guys laughing. So sweet and such great memories.

  2. Oh my gosh I love all of them!! Mikey is adorable, Charlie is so handsome and Maddie is just beautiful!!