Monday, February 20, 2017

Oh how time flies...

Today, the big kids and I spent the day together because their school was closed for teacher inservice and my work was closed because it's President's Day. 

They got to go to dad's work in the morning because I had to run Mikey to the doctor for his second flu shot at 8:45 and (A) didn't want to take all three kids and (B) OMG so many germs.  I'm so glad Charlie and Maddie didn't come.  Plus they got to drink hot chocolate and color on the white board!  That's super fun!

After that, I went and got them and we took Mikey back to day care and we ran to Target.

Which, of course, I forgot all the things I actually went for and ended up getting them both some new shampoo (??) and some random St. Patrick's day things to hang on the windows.  I love Target - but that is precisely why I don't go there that often.

When we were checking out - I told them to smile.  This is what I got.  These kids - both can't smile ever at the same time!!  Ha!

But then what was even funnier...I was scrolling through my IG pictures and looking for one from a LONG time ago (more on why later...) and found this gem.  This was taken at Costco in September 2015.  So Maddie would have been like 15 months and Charlie a little over 3.  I love that I did the same collage because it's crazy to see how much they have grown up and changed ---- but how they are still just as silly and love each other just as much.  

TIME FLIES.  It's crazy.  Because I look at them and while I know they are not these babes anymore, it feels like they still could me.  I can't wait for all the fun to come with these two - and Mikey now that he's in the mix!!!


  1. I always love when I come across a similar picture of the girls from different time periods. It's nuts to see them side by side and compare how much theyve grown. I also can't believe how much Leighton at 2 looks like Gracyn at 2 - I would've never seen the similarities if I hadn't come across old photos!

  2. Maddie's face in the bottom left of the old one is priceless. God I love her.

  3. Those pictures at Target are great! The bottom right is even better than one with normal smiles!