Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017: hugs & kisses

Valentine's Day means our annual cards - DUH!!  Ha.  Jimmy likes to get mad at me because he thinks the fact that I make these and send out to friends and family is crazy - but you know what!  I love the tradition and it's so fun to get texts and emails from friends and family saying how much they love the card!  Who doesn't love snail mail either??!  Must be the ex-Hallmark employee in me, but it's pretty fun and I love looking back even now at past cards!

Here is our 2017 card:

Let's just say that Charlie really wanted to wear that mustache...but the aftermath of it was a little dramatic and he should be really happy he's not a girl and won't have to be getting his upper lip wax because MAN were their tears.  Guess he won't be wanting to put that mustache back on any time soon!

Check out our previous cards here:

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Since Valentine's Day was on a Tuesday this year, it was just an average day in the Carter household...sprinkled with a little extra love though!

Maddie was up early with me and found me downstairs working out. She was HANGRY and pretty much whined at me until I finished to make her breakfast.  Ha.

But she was pretty happy when she got to open her small Valentine's Day present - SHOPKINS!  To be honest, I have no idea what these are but I figured she'd like them right?  Well turns out, Charlie knows exactly what they are (even though we have none!) - I guess from Kids You Tube weird videos that people open toys?!


Charlie got a pretty cute Valentine's day lego puppy (which of course, he begged Jimmy to put together before school!) but I didn't snap a picture.

Mikey - well he just got lots of kisses for Valentine's Day and got to wear his brother's old Valentine's Day outfit!  Perk of same birthday month, 4 years apart!

Older kiddos had their Valentine's Day parties at preschool at 3:00, so I left work a little early to go celebrate with them.  My dad ended up coming too because he wanted to see their new school.  I hung out in Miss Maddie's room first and watched her eat, met some of her new friends and watched her dance in her new red cowboy boots that Nana got her.  So sassy!

About halfway thought, Jimmy and I switched and I headed over to Charlie's room to hang with him.  There are more kiddos in his class and he's on the older end, but he is loving his classroom for lots of reasons.  Lots of new, fun activities, a cool playground and of course, the iPads! So he had to show me all of that!!  It was fun to get to have a party so quickly after starting there.  I will say, it did make me miss their old school a bit because we were friends already with so many of the parents there...but just like Charlie and Maddie are making new friends - we will too, right?

I signed up to bring veggies to both their classrooms and came up with this fun Valentine's themed veggie arrangement because you know what a #pinterestmom I am.  HA.  That was sarcastic.

We took the big kids home after their parties were done and Charlie and went to HyVee to get some flowers for Mikey's day care lady (because she's the best!) before we went and picked him up.  Right when we were pulling into her driveway, she called and said Mikey had thrown up twice.  Poor guy.  We got him and took him home.  I fed him right when he got home--- and then he puked up all over me.  Oops!  So then I was trying to figure out if he has a stomach bug or reaction to the medicine he started taking for his ear infection.  He was up a bunch last night, but had a few wet diapers (YEAH!) and I've been nursing him for 5 minutes every 30 min to an hour instead of waiting and doing longer feedings - so that is seeming to help!  I am staying home with him today to make sure he's ok and talk to his doc when I can give him his antibiotics again.  I hope if it's a stomach bug, he's the only one it hits - we don't need everyone to get sick!!!!

We did celebrate with some pink pancakes and breakfast for dinner (thanks Molly for the fun idea and tradition!) and then after everyone was in bed, Jimmy and I planned on catching up on the bachelor.  Well, since Mikey has been sick, I literally haven't been sleeping AT ALL!  So instead of having a romantic night together - I passed out at 8:00.  Sorry Jimmy!  We will celebrate on our date night Saturday - I promise!!

Here's to another Valentine's Day in the book - even with not a lot of excitement and sick kids, I'm so thankful for my Valentine's :)



  1. My husband was out of town last night (still is) so it was just CJ and I. We had breakfast for dinner and watched Finding Dory and had a slumber party (we slept on the couches).

  2. I love that you do Valentine's cards with the kids! The mustache was an awesome addition to the photo, but sorry to hear the removal was... less than fun. We had a few VDay cards sent to us, and I really want to do it next year!
    Marcus will often whine at me while I'm working out because... He's hungry. (eye roll here) I'm always like, GO GET A SNACK!
    Shopkins - we gave those to a friend of Marcus' for her birthday. As we were picking them out I kept asking, "What are these things? Why are they so cool?" I still don't understand the craze.

  3. I LOVE that you make and send Valentine's cards! So cute! Hope Mikey is feeling better!