Saturday, May 2, 2009

He really likes to eat

The evidence in the garage....

Willy after the incident...

Willy is my chunky little dog whom I love no matter what...except for the fact that when he gets really fat, it puts a strain on his back and then he has problems walking because of his back :( If we don't continue to monitor his weight and what/when we feed him, his back could go out which means we would be faced with the decision of a $4000 surgery to correct it or the most horrible thing ever..I can't even type it. So you can see why I'm so crazy about making sure he doesn't overeat and gets exercise!!!

Since my condo is no longer mine and we won't close on our new house (yes- we FINALLY got it) until May 22, my dogs and I have moved in with Barb and Roger!! So now I have 4 weiner dogs to greet me every time I walk in the door! My mom and I were sitting in the family room watching 90210 a few weeks ago and we had 3 of the dogs sitting with us, but Willy was no where to be found. I thought I heard some whining, so we looked for him in the basement, the laundry room, upstairs, the library, and my parents bedroom but he was no where to be found!! I just figured I was hearing things. I sit back on the couch and hear the whining again---and am like "MOM--where the heck is Willy!??". So I open the door that goes out to the garage and see him sitting there. I tell him sorry and have him come lay with me. We go to bed, with Milly of course, after the show and I forget about the whole thing.

The next morning I wake up to my alarm and see Willy laying on his back next to my pillow. His stomach looks HUGE but I he's pretty fat, so I figured I was just looking at it differently. He starts acting weird and doesn't run outside immediately to go to the bathroom....but what really set me off is when I got the dog food out to feed him. Ususally he is jumping up and down, running around in circles in excitement for that moment when that 1/2 cup of dog food goes into his bowl and he consumes it in like 15 seconds...only to be waiting until 4:30PM rolls around (his 2nd and final meal of the day). This morning...I put the food in the bowl and he doesn't even react. He sniffs the food and doesn't even eat it. At this point, I FREAK out because if you have ever seen this dog would be too. I lay him on the floor in the family room and feel his huge stomach and it's just ridiculously large and Willy's demeanor is very lethargic. I get my dad to take a look and he says it looks weirdly big.

Then a light bulb goes off in my head as I was running through what he might have gotten into. BAM- The garage last night!! When I moved back home I had 1/4 of a bag of dog food left and it was left on the floor of the I run out there and see it on the ground, half open (but remarkably, there is still food remaining). That was it. Willy's dream came true! He got the chance to eat as much dog food as he wanted too....and now he was so stuffed he was completely miserable. Jimmy and I have had many discussions about "what if" this ever happened...would Willy EVER stop eating? Or would he eat until he exploded? I'm happy to say that we have the answer and proof...he did stop eating..which means he might have an ounce of reason in that little dog brain of his!

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