Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cut off from the world

The title of this is the way I feel when I'm at home now because we have no Internet at our house...yep, you read right (Vanessa, you can understand this!!!!), no Internet. Why? Oh because brilliant me went searching to save some $$ on our monthly cable/Internet bill while adding some services (all home DVR = very nice for Jimmy and Brittany because they don't like to share). However, I forget what a pain in the butt getting everything re-installed in our house is.
  • 4 hour time frames detailing when the installer might show up
  • 3-4 hours to set up
  • Things don't work the way they are supposed to
  • You realize that your 50+ year old house doesn't have a phone line installed
  • ....which in turn means that Internet you thought you were going to have last week,
  • yep...that takes a week and a half (estimated) to get someone to your house to fix it
  • then they give you an EIGHT hour window for them to show up
  • hours spent on hold talking to one department after the other
  • mounds of frustration building up
  • whispers saying "I'm going to punch (insert company name, person's name, etc)"
  • whispers saying "I'm going to knock out (insert company name, person's name, etc)"
  • whispers saying "What was I thinking? Was this really worth the monthly savings?"

And there you have it my friends, what I am living through right now. Let's just hope come Friday.....this Internet gets up and going because like Jimmy said, I'm going to go CRAZY without it!!!

P.S. However, I will note that Direct TV came and installed it in our house on Monday and he did a fabulous job, was nice, showed up early, and even though it took works great!

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