Monday, November 1, 2010

A Jimmy quote for the day

Laying in bed one morning this weekend:

Jimmy- "I want to starting painting"

Brittany- "Painting what? The walls?"

Jimmy- "No like on those things...what are they called?" (Pointing to two canvases that I painted hanging over our bed)

Brittany- "You mean painting canvases? Like as in art?"

Jimmy- "Yes, I feel like I'm pretty artistic and I would be a really good painter"

Brittany- Hysterically laughing

Jimmy- "Stop it Brittany. That's so rude"

Brittany- Hysterically laughing

Jimmy- "Brittany, seriously, stop crushing my dream"

Brittany- Hysterically laughing...still...based on imagining a) Jimmy painting on a canvas with an easel and a little hat and b) Just what the final product would look like. Oh my

Jimmy- "Sorry everyone can't be Bob Ross....but you are just being rude."

Brittany- Hysterically laughing.

P.S. Jimmy watches Bob Ross paint regularly on KCPT

So I will let you know when/if these paintings by Jimmy are ready to sell!

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  1. hahahahahaha (you can tell Jimmy I am "hysterically laughing" too!) :)