Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween- people style!!!

And...this last Halloween weekend was filled with lots and lots of costumes and fun!!

Here was Friday night, at the Party on Holly, hosted by wonderful Lauren G. and Leslie at their house in Westwood! It was awesome and so fun! They had dry ice with punch, some pretty freaking sweet decorations and a really cute dog dressed like a lobster :)

And if you cannot tell--- we were supposed to be a few WT (white trash) folks. Jimmy was my baby's daddy....but the one thing that I couldn't give up to play along with the roll was my wedding ring. Jimmy told me to take it off, it was important to play the part. Nope, sorry dudio. But still, I think the sleeve tattoos, pregnant belly (aka sweatshirt), the overalls from 7th grade (yep, the exact ones I wore), Jimmy's sweet mohawk and facial hair he shaved, and the gross outfit. Haha. Two of our nieces saw this picture on facebook and were "very confused" haha....I can see why.

Ah, he looks disappointed. Sad.

Can there be gangster WT people? Of COURSE.

And, onto the costume fun on Saturday night! It was out with my work friends on the KC Strip trolley again! We started in Waldo and then met everyone at Harpos...unfortunately didn't get to play photo hunt there like we hoped, but we did find it at Pizza Bar when we made our way to P&L!!

We had Waldo, the wizard, a cowgirl, Pauly D (amazing), Mounds & Almond Joy--not sure where Almond Joy was in this picture, and 2 WT peeps. Very fun!

The best part of going to P&L was the amazing costumes...check out the Invisible Man. How does that happen?

AND---this girl. Yep, she's not wearing a shirt. It's latex paint that her aunt painted on her....and best yet, she made me touch her stomach hahaha so I could "feel what the paint is like". Then she told me she loved me after I said that I would vote for her in the costume contest. Unfortunately, I didn't because I left, but I guess I would have?

Ohh...and Pauly D with Snooki...hahahahaha. I love Max's bronzer.

Ok, so now we are onto Sunday night (like I said, LOTS of dressing up). We went to Jimmy's oldest brother's house for the Carter family trick-or-treating!! So get ready for some lots of really cute kid's costumes!!

Katy the ladybug and her favorite toy of the night!

Maren the princess (Cinderella), waiting on the stairs for her prince!

And Norah, another lady bug :) So cute!!

And Eli, the scary dragon---haha!! So cute and probably the warmest one of us all night!

Kellie Pickler (Taylor's bff) and Daddy Warbucks (from the musical Annie!)

Oh- and Milly, the bumble bee! But I didn't have my red high heels on. Shoot!

Cutest picture of the kids! Haha they crack me up!

Kellie and Cinderella :) Ready to go get some CANDY

Taylor and Kellie! Love her pink hat and boots!

And finally---YODA. Love the mask and cloak!

Annie and Cinderella :) Look at those freckles!

Trick or treating - look at Daddy Warbucks and Annie! Let me tell you, it was freezing!

The end of the night!

And the night is over, Annie/Kenlie is already enjoying her candy! Daddy Warbucks had a great night!

And the final picture to end the blog post :) Green tongue! That's what fun dip will do!

Oh my, what a great night and weekend :) Except I'm not sure if I want to dress up for a long time to come. But....bring on the holidays!

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  1. oh my gosh, daddy warbucks and annie - SO CUTE! and i love yoda :)