Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New toys :)

So, if you have ever registered for wedding presents....or really put any presents on a list as a kid or adult for just fun stuff that you wanted try but might not ever buy for yourself, you will relate to this post very well. Walking through Bed Bath and Beyond on our first registry adventure, many months ago, I clicked my little thing on this little guy. Now, did I know exactly what it was? No. Really, absolutely not. I just thought that it looked pretty cool.

I mean look at all those designs....pretty freaking cool, right?

The challenge came in actually using it on one Thursday night when I decided to make them for a Halloween treat day at work and the ingredients for the dough were about the only thing I had in my kitchen on hand....and it could potentially make a festive little pumpkin :)

So I set off. Making the dough. Putting it into the little tube with the disc at the end. Easy enough, right?? Look at how happy and excited I look!

However, after I got everything ready to go and clicked it a couple times....but then WHAT? What happens? How to I stop the dough because there isn't something to like cut it off or stop the dough? This is so incredibly hard! I made Jimmy look up a you tube video on it so I can figure it out. Well that didn't help at all. So I just kept trying....and it turns out, with a little wrist flip, it kind of stops the dough and sometimes makes a pumpkin. Let me re-iterate this....sometimes. Haha. Some of them were unidentifiable.

But for the most part, they turned out all right and I took them to work and they all liked them and said they tasted like they should! And then they told me that you can dye the dough for the season and then make those cookies- YUM! Looks like I'll be trying some red or green dough for Christmas trees pretty soon!!!!!!!! Love trying out wedding presents, besides the fact its 7 months later....

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