Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Road trip to Iowa...

Last Saturday, after a SWEET black Friday shopping experience, Jimmy and I got up early, dropped Milly and Willy off with my mom and sister - who got REALLY sick and had to go to the hospital ON HER BIRTHDAY!! (AH!)- and we were off.

First stop: Wal-Mart in Atlantic, IA.
Purchased: Poinsettia, gift card, Hallmark card (duh), watch and some boots....

Next stop: Pizza Hut in Carrol, IA. I was extremely disappointed because there was not a lunch buffet, but I guess it was Saturday. But still. Jimmy was mad because KU was losing too.

But here he is thrilled to be waiting for some za!

This is my "I want a pizza buffet" face. If you can't tell.

This is Jimmy's "YUM YUM" face. He love the za.

And...back on the road again. We FINALLY made it to Storm Lake, even after our trusty Garmin led us astray a few times (No silly GPS, the Storm Lake Wal-Mart is not down town...thanks for blowing my cover when at the last minute we had to go to the farm and not my grandparents assisted living place. If you would have taken me to Wal-Mart, I would have known how to get to the farm....instead you blew my cover and Jimmy was mad because, yet again...I had no idea where we were going on our road trip!!)

After we walked around the inside of the farm house that my grandparents just sold- so sad that there is no more furniture and that after so many years of memories and happiness, it was just an empty house- we headed back to my grandparents apartment. They got to open their presents, we ate sweets (DUH, hence why I have a dentist appt on Thursday...), and we chatted away with family that we only get to see once or twice a year!

Here are my cute grandparents opening up their presents :) And yes, it's a Hallmark card...must you ask?

So finally, after Jimmy and I checked into our fancy hotel room (more on that later), we all went to eat at Lakeshore Cafe - my grandparents favorite and I'm pretty sure it's Jimmy's now too because they serve breakfast 24/7 - we took a second to snap some family pictures. And GO....

Everyone that was able to make it to Storm Lake...

Back row: Emily, Anna, Sandy, Brittany, Jimmy, Isaac, Brandon, Laura, Pam
Front row: Bruce, Grandma, Grandpa, Dennis and Roger (my dad :))
*not pictured: Lyndsay, Barb, Tammy and Todd!! We missed you!!

Here are my dad and his brothers with their parents. When you see them next to each other, they really look like brothers!!

Then the Bruns/Carter crew. Weird that we don't have the same last name anymore!!

Ok, so after that meal...we headed back to their apartment for more dessert--peppermint dessert...YUM!- and chatting. Then....Dennis and my dad busted out the Iowa Hawkeye uniforms from the 1940s. Where they got them, who knows. Apparently from their cousin? Very confused still with the origin of these and why they were present...but hey, we went with it. Best part about them...pretty sure they haven't been washed since the 1940s. Yep, that's 60+ years. There are skid marks to prove it people. I will spare you that picture (it made me gag). But these are real life, adult onesies...you know the cute little things you buy for cute little babies...but for big, hairy, sweaty men. Yuck. Here is my dad modeling one :)

And Emily tried it on---hilarious. This was her perfect lay-up shot- nice form :) The shorts were shiny and soft, complete with a belt. This is priceless. Apparently they want someone to "donate" them back to the university so they can put them in some historical thing. Do everyone a favor, wash before you donate.

OK. So then it was time for the thing that dominates our life....forever and ever, always. Yep, that's right basketball. And not just any basketball game, a KU basketball game. It wasn't on until 9:30...which is my bedtime for those of you unaware. But we watched the first half at my grandparents and then Jimmy and I headed back to the hotel for the second so whiny wife could go to bed :) Which I did.

The funniest thing about the hotel was that it was one we have stayed in a billion times, as it's right down the road from my grandparents farm. It has an indoor pool AND an indoor hot tub...SCORE. But when you are old, yeah it's not really that cool. And the beds, well lets just say when the mattress sales guy at NFM told to notice "see how you don't feel the springs on these mattresses"...I really had no idea what that feeling was like until we slept on this one. Jimmy farted and I literally heard the springs rattle. No joke. It's just hilarious because I seriously couldn't wait to stay in that hotel when we were younger! Oh how things and perception changes as you age.....but it didn't stop there. So I didn't know how to set the alarm (because I'm an idiot), so we woke up to my dad calling us. Which was good because he was early- so I hopped in the shower. Had semi-hot water until 1/2 way through and then immediately got out. Well.....that obviously meant little to NO hot water for Jimmy (I mean really, how does one person showering in a big hotel waste all the hot water?). I did feel really sorry for him, but his reaction was hysterical. He was so upset, but still jumped into the freezing cold. So of course, what does any wife do in this situation? Grab a camera and take a picture. Which made him even more mad. But lucky for you, I have thick skin...so you get to see the picture :)

Nope, I'm not done yet (bear with me...). After a cold shower and even colder departure....we were off. But I wanted to go back to the farm and get some pictures, since they sold it and we wouldn't get to go back. It was such a fun place to come when we were growing up. Of course, as we were driving to the farm (which is a short drive from the hotel), I was checking facebook on my phone and Jimmy missed his turn - oops - in which he got mad at me again. Sorry dude!! But then we finally made it to get some great pictures. And Jimmy was nice enough to take one of me too!

An Iowa sun rise---look there is SNOW!

The barn!

And me in front of their house. Don't worry this and many other things got me choked up about childhood memories, so be on the look out for a post on that. But in the mean time, we had a successful trip home - minus me spending $17 at a gas station because I bought sunglasses, Strawberry milk, a donut and a car smelly thing for a truck driver (don't ask...it was for karma purposes) - and were excited to be reunited with the dogs. Thanks to Bobby and Hillary for taking care of our house and Toby over the weekend too!!

Until next time....wishing you very eventful road trips. And only hot showers.

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  1. Jimmy farted and I heard the springs rattle. Hilarious. I'm glad you posted this. :)