Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello February; hello organization

So now that we are in month #2 of 2011-- yep, it's true, I cannot believe it's already February!! -- I'm determined to start getting those nasty organization to-dos knocked off my list. We can call it an early spring cleaning. Or- er-- late wedding clean up? Ok, it's embarrassing for me to admit this since we have almost been married now for a little under 10 months now that I still have a closet full of stuff from our wedding. Yep, all the DIY decor, left over programs, candles, shoes, flower girl/ring bearer pillows, etc. Stuffed in the guest room closet and looking oh so awful. Let's just say I have had to warn any and all guests to "do not enter".

Pretty awful huh? But there is a reason I have been putting this off. I promise. If you think it's valid, that's up to you to be the judge. My reason is...what do I do with all the "stuff" left over from the best day of my life? I mean, I cannot throw away all the programs, napkins I stamped, unity candle, rehearsal dinner invitations....and yep, you can see them below....the cut out pictures of Jimmy and I's head that were stuck on the life size cut outs of Bella and Edward. Yep, I kept those :) Haha.

So there you have it. All the "stuff" laid out. Now what to do with it? And don't forget the dogs clothing attire they wore during the wedding. Nope, have to keep that!!!

Bella and Edward....well...unfortunately they had to go in the recycling bin :( Don't get upset, they were broken in half and they wouldn't fit in a plastic storage bin!!!!!! AHH I cannot be a hoarder - so don't get upset they had to go.

After I laid it all out in the guest room, I headed off to buy some storage bins and started organizing. And while I was at it- I tackled the closet in the office as well...which put it nicely, full of crap. So I grabbed all the "wedding stuff (including all our wedding and engagement cards)" and all the "random Hallmark stuff I have bought/collected/been gifted from working there" and finally "other" and put them nicely in storage bins and moved them to the basement.

And finally after a few hours, found myself with this:

AHHH - I just get the same feeling looking at these pictures as I did looking around the room once I had everything packed up and stored in its respective place. You know that feeling? Maybe it's just me....but when I start and accomplish something that makes a room cleaner, more organized and FINALLY off my to do list...I am nothing but smiles and feel so happy and like a weight is lifted off my shoulders. Wahoo!

Better yet, I tackled more than I planned to that afternoon/evening because I went ahead and got all the "junk" out of the office closet, set up our new file cabinet (the other one was full!) and put labels on my containers and done. Love it how I feel every time I open that closet to see....ORGANIZATION at it's finest :)

When do you start your spring cleaning? Put it off until spring or tackle one step at a time throughout the year?? I'm more of a take it one step at a time type of girl, but cannot forget that feeling of accomplishing something and leaving it just a little bit better....


  1. I live for a day of organizing!

  2. I love the feeling of getting everything organized! Organizing our office is definitely on the list of things I want to get done while my hubby's traveling for work this spring!