Thursday, March 17, 2011

On a roll: house project in-progress

There are lots of things going on at our house right now and lots of new house projects (a few MAJOR) that have emerged in the last few weeks. So I thought I would share a few of these exciting developments!!

First - it's confirmed: we have hardwood floors underneath all the carpet in our upstairs (bedrooms and hallway). Pretty exciting because I love hardwood floors and since we already have them in the living room/dining room/entry way, it will be awesome to have the same ones (original to the house) upstairs.

I found it by pulling up some carpet in a spot by our master bathroom.

Then my dad and I went around to every room, closet and hallway and pulled up the carpet to see if it was everywhere...and it was! The best part?! We pulled up the carpet on the stairs to take a peek and the stairs are beautiful! Nice wood that has a rounded top on the stairs and even molding underneath - I am in love!

Jimmy did a trial and pulled up the carpet in the guest room closet (luckily I organized/cleaned it out!!) to see what kind of condition we were working with. Here is it - we are hoping that the people that used these before had lots of high heels that they threw in the closet because we really don't want the rest of the floors to look like this because we'll have to refinish all of them. But we're taking it one step at a time...excited they are there, but waiting to finish project #2 in the mean time :)

And project #2. Which is "in-progress" currently. Let me explain, but I will show you the in-progress pictures first:

Ok, so that is our garage (see before pictures HERE). Why the heck are we building a wall in our garage? Glad you asked :) So the way our house works (side-by-side split) is that we have the family room on the same level as the garage. So when you walk in the door to the garage, you walk into the family room. But we also have a basement that is where Jimmy's new "man cave" is located (also a work in progress) and our washer and dryer. To get to the basement, you have to walk in the garage. Annoying? Yes...mainly because the laundry is down there and dragging out laundry baskets down 3 flights of stairs and through 2 doors is not very fun. But really, I feel like because you have to walk through the garage it feels like the basement is less a part of our house and we don't use the space down there as much as we should. However, I had never ever thought of putting in a wall/hallway.

That's when my obsession with open houses comes in. I told you once that I pretty much stalked the house 3 doors down from us during it's 2 open houses on 2 Sunday's in a row. Well they had made a little hallway that turned their basement entrance into an "indoor entrance" vs a "garage entrance". I saw that at their house and my brain started churning. Could we make it happen at our house? What kind of garage space will we have to give up? Enter in my dad aka our resident handy man. I called him up, asked him about it, told him he needed to come check out the house down the street for himself and the rest is history. Even better since he is on spring break this week, so the project is in full swing! It's always fun to get home from work and see all that he did during the day and then he walks me through it all :)

In further detail, where you see the framing, that will be sheetrock and inside that will be a little hallway that we will probably tile. The vent that is silver will be covered with sheetrock also, so that will just make the ceiling a little lower in that area, but we are cutting a hole in that and putting in an additional vent to make sure the hallway is heated/cooled as well. And the great news? Both of our cars still fit in the garage!

The final project I have i the works is actually down in the basement in an attempt to transform a basement in to more of a "homey" room. We saw this while we were at the Chef in Manhattan eating breakfast and I thought it was so cool!!! So I'm going to take the old window frames below that I bought off of craigslist yesterday for $20 total (only $5/each!!) and hand them on the windows in the basement.

See the small kind of gross looking windows in the basement? So the window frames are the same width and they will just go on top of the windows. Then I'm going to put some sort of paper behind the part of the frame that you see the concrete wall so it gives the illusion that the window is bigger than it actually is! Does that make sense? I'm not sure how exactly it will work out, but I'm going to give it a try!! How's that for crafty?!

And...that's all for now :) I really thought house projects were on hold for awhile because there wasn't anything I was DYING to get done, but I guess I was wrong and things have changed! So look forward to some fun posts on the wood floor saga, the basement hallway and some new windows! YEAH!

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