Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'm alive - school is done!

Oh my.  These last few weeks since Thanksgiving have been busy, stressful and fun all at the same time!!

The Thursday after Thanksgiving, I had a huge 20 min presentation and 20 page paper due, so that pretty much sucked up my life that week.  Fun, huh?  Well then that weekend it was time for Jimmy's 8th annual Christmas party (and yes, it's just Jimmy's Christmas party according to the evite....) at the Knights of Columbus hall.  As always, it was a great time with lots of great friends - old and new, so thanks again to all those that came out!!!

Saturday I didn't feel very well in the morning, so we decided for a movie day.  All day.  We got 3 movies from the red box...including Friends with Benefits (Jimmy opted not to watch....), Water for Elephants (I had read the book, but not seen the movie yet - pretty good) and some other boy movie that I think we watched and I actually liked. But obviously it wasn't that good because I cannot remember what it was.  Overall, it was a great day.

Sunday we had Jimmy's family over for the away chief's game at our house to enjoy some chili and family time.  It was delicious food, good times with the Carter's and all the kids!

Then the week flew by.  With dance class on Monday night, dinner and bridesmaid dress shopping with Lauren on Tuesday night, the Kappa Kappa Gamma homes tour on Wednesday night, class on Thursday night and to Houston, TX on Friday night with Heather!!

You read that right - we had a good old fashioned girls weekend in Houston, TX to visit Vanessa and it was so fun!  Unfortunately...guess what?  It was so fun and relaxing, I literally took ZERO pictures.  I think overall there might have been 3 pictures taken.  One by Chris at their house because we went out to dinner on Saturday night and then two by Payson at dinner on Saturday.  I'm going to ahead and say that we  just had way too much fun and got in way too much good conversation to take pictures  - because we did!!

Quick run down of the trip:

- Heather and I are picked up in style by Vanessa and Liz (who made the drive from Austin, TX) at around 10PM at the airport
- Hung out on the Calcara's super comfy couch and I fell asleep sitting up (awesome, I know)
- Liz and I slept in until 9:30 - wow!!!!!
- We all headed out to pick up Payson from the airport - she flew in from Dallas
- Went to a delicious lunch
- Got to go see Katie and Barry's new house that they just moved into in Houston (it's so cute) and see her, Barry and their three sweet little dogs!
- Went back to Katy, TX and got some pedicures and relaxed! (eh - might have been a small car accident in here...)
- Met Katie back in midtown area for dinner (ended up at a place named Beaver's, courtesy of Liz, and it was pretty darn good)
- Back to V's house, back on the couch and back to sleep - we are REALLY cool if you can't tell!
- Up again and then grabbed some necessary Mexican food in Katy and then back to the airport to drop Payson off and bid adieu to Liz as she drove back to Austin
- Heather, Vanessa and I went to see the movie New Year's Eve before Heather and I's flight at 7PM
- Back to the airport, layover in Dallas, got on the flight from Dallas to KC - realized I left my Kindle in the other plane, Southwest airlines rocks and actually found it (YEAH!), back in KC around 10PM and home, then sleep
- Such a FUN weekend and I wish it could have lasted longer!!  So good to see all these girls and especially to get to spend some quality time with Hazel....I love their dog!

Heather and I returned late on Sunday night (to spare you details, luckily was able to get my lost kindle back thanks to the wonderful Southwest Airlines!) and I was beat!!  We skipped dance class on Monday night - mainly so I could sleep - and then it was another busy week.....

Tuesday was a meeting for a K-State scholarship committee that I am on and then Wednesday was a Bark for Life meeting!  Jimmy and I both took the day off on Wednesday to finish up our Christmas shopping, so since we were both home we got to take Milly and Willy to the meeting which was - eh...interesting.  They were welcome to attend (Bark for Life is an event that is being started in both Kansas and Missouri sponsored by the American Cancer Society that is a supplement to the Relay for Life race), but they will probably not be coming back.  Haha.

Thursday I had my final for my class (wahoo - officially done with my THIRD semester of grad school!)

Friday we went to dinner with my mom and sister (yum, Don Chilitos....) and then to Westport to a bingo themed birthday party for one of Jimmy's friend from work.  Saturday, we were able to relax and start some laundry during the day and then headed to Julia and Ben's house for their first annual ugly sweater party and white elephant exchange.  It was good friends and great food and hilarious presents!  Some of the presents people walked out the door with: condoms, lube, a beta fish, flaming dr. pepper shot...haha.  Jimmy walked out with Dunkin Donuts coffee and powdered donuts (after a vicious trade with Julia's sister) and I walked out with an "as seen on TV" pop tops that make soda cans into a bottle (hey, I thought they were cool!)

We ended the last 2 weeks yesterday with the chiefs game at Jimmy's parents house and with some of our nieces and nephews.  Whew.

Needless to say - I have started writing this post (and many others) like 5 times and haven't had a chance to finish them.  So here I am done.  Done with the boring 3 weeks recap - and ready to start up again with some super fun posts.  Thanks for sticking in there and hope everyone else has been hanging in there during this super busy holiday season!  Can you believe that Christmas is only 6 days away!??? AHH!!  So exciting!  We are headed our final dance class tonight - so I'll try to catch up on that!

P.S.  Have you ever tried Bear Creek soups?  They are my new favorite thing.  8 cups of water boiling and 15 minutes....and that's it, you have a delicious amount of soup!  I love the potato kinds!  That's what is for dinner at the Carter house tonight!  Good for a rainy, cold night!

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