Saturday, December 3, 2011

Quick makeover

We did a progressive dinner a few weekends ago so while I was getting ready to prepare the delicious menu I also did a few quick makeovers - mostly from the stuff that we actually had already.  Quick, easy and cheap - very exciting.

Here is the first one - which was just above the fridge.

Before: nothing

After: some bookends, cookbooks, long plate and candles!!  Love it!

Before: cabinet (as you walk up the stairs)

After: just a quick addition of a "C"

So then I went to Walmart and got some fall items on sale - including these sunflowers in little pots.  However, I had different plans for the pots - so made a place for the sunflowers on top of the china cabinet!

So the little pots?  I moved those into our bathroom on our shelves.  I bought some fake blue hydrangas to put in them and they turned out just great!

And there you have it - a few quick makeovers that happened with about $10 and lots of stuff sitting around.  Any other fun ways to spruce up your house decor??

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