Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holidays all over the house!

Believe it or not (I know it's hard for me too), but some people actually do read this blog.  It made me realize this the other day when I had a friend ask me if I had blogged about my Christmas decor this year.  Nope, I sure hadn't!  But I wanted to get these pictures up because it is oh so fun for me especially to have these pictures from years past and see some of the changes I have made with the holiday decorations in our house from year to year.  And it's fun to see how furniture, walls, etc change colors too!!

Flashback: Here are the posts of the decor from 2010 and 2009 (WOW - check out how dated our family room/mantle were!!)

Onto this year.  By the way, I had these pictures uploaded to my blog BEFORE Christmas, I swear, just didn't get around to posting them.  You know how that goes.

Ok - first off is an addition thanks to Hallmark and my husbands obsession with the Peanuts band (see all 4 of the characters??).  This was a big item he was selling to stores this year and he fell in love with it, so of course we had to have it.  And we got a set for all our nieces and nephews.  They are pretty cool because they wirelessly interact and place Christmas songs!

I decided it would be fun to hang some ornaments from our was fun.  However, people over 6 ft who sit at the table might not of thought so!!  Oh well!

And I FINALLY found a fun and easy way to display our Christmas cards (which might be one of my favorite things about this time of year!!).  Hang them on your huge pantry doors.  So fun!  We got some super cute ones this year too!!!  (I'm really hoping that in this same shot in 2012...the cabinets are white.  PLEASE!!)

And the mantle, complete with our ghetto stockings.  My grandma keeps asking me to pick out a pattern for her to use to make us stockings.  Yep, I haven't done that yet!

A few colorful snowmen found a new place (were upstairs last year) on the new console table in the family room.  I think that home fit them nicely.

And...the tree.  In all it's glory, minus the star at the top.  I wasn't motivated enough to add the star.  Then halfway through December I decided that I didn't like the tree there and thought of a new inventive place to display it that was SO much better.  And decided that would have to wait until next year.  But still, had to post a picture of the tree!  We stuck with the red/green/silver theme again this year!

And the Christmas lights...that my husband takes so much pride in and I love.  He stuck with the white lights (to his dismay and even with the constant insisting that he wants colored lights....) and put the "candy cane" on the tree again this year.  New additions?  The small candy canes in from of the living room windows and some blinking white lights in front of the walkway.  Well done Jam, well done!

That's Jimmy being creepy at the door.
And Milly and Willy sure didn't want to miss our on this post, so they immediately threw on their best Christmas attire and joined in the fun!

Now it's already time to take the decor down!  So crazy that Christmas is over!!!  Hope everyone had a very blessed holiday season!

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