Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving #2 and #3

Unfortunately I have no pictures from the official Thanksgiving #2, but it was at my cousin Tina's new house in Liberty and it was so fun to see everyone from my mom's side of the family!!!  We were there on Thursday afternoon.

When we got back from that meal, we digested for a couple of hours and then around 7:30PM Jimmy, my sister and my dad headed to the Legends to see Tower Heist because it's strategically planned because when the movie gets out - it was BLACK FRIDAY time and the stores were open!  Jimmy and I did the same thing last year and got some killer new clothes at great prices at the outlet stores last year...so we convinced my sister that she need to go too!  We were there until around 11:45PM and then headed back home.  We did a quick drive by of the Target and Kohl's by my parents house ---- WOW!!  I was in shock at how many people were waiting in line.  We went back to bed for a few hours and got up again at 5AM to head to Lowe's for a great deal on a table saw (yes, I'm weird...).  Unfortunately, when we got there it was already gone because at Lowe's this year you could buy stuff online at midnight and they would save it for you in the store.  WTF!!!  We were so upset when we got there at 5:15AM and they were all gone.  But we don't give up that easy - we headed back home and got online and bought our own at another Lowe's in town and drove out there immediately to get it.  I haven't got to use it yet because I was super busy with school last week - but I will get it out soon!!!  Black Friday was so worth it this year!!!  On top of the great clothes, a table saw that was originally $149.99 by $69.99!!

Friday night I went to a new restaurant on the plaza called Gram and Dun with some high school girlfriends and it was SOO good to see everyone that was back in town and those that are just down the street!!  And the food was pretty freaking good too!

Ok - then EARLY on Saturday morning, we headed to my parents house and then piled into my mom's SUV and were off to Storm Lake, Iowa to visit my dad's side of the family for our Thanksgiving and Christmas up there!  It was a long drive, but we kept ourselves entertained and my sister and I slept most of the way.  When we finally arrived, we dropped my sister off at the hotel to shower and then headed to the Sugar Bowl, which is the Hallmark store in Storm Lake.  And after Jimmy talked to the owners a bit and we got an ornament and some beer bread, my dad got his hat - the one thing that he wanted.  Check it out - a monkey hat!!

My dad and my beautiful cousin Tammy before dinner!

We all headed to dinner at Lakeshore cafe for the annual Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner.  Then it was back to my grandparents apartment for the opening of some presents and dessert - my dad's favorite part.

Cousins (minus Todd and Emily who couldn't be there!)

Haha my grandma opened up a gift from my cousin that was a little snowmen and my other cousin's dog was entranced by it!

 Grandpa Bruns in his chair!

Opening up presents!

 My Aunt Sandy, Tammy, Lyndsay and me!

We left Iowa early on Sunday morning (short trip) because I had to be back in Kansas City for a meeting with my grad school group at the library at 3PM on Sunday and needed some time to do a quick cleaning of our house because we invited all our nieces and nephews over to watch Jingle, a movie that Hallmark made to supplement one of the interactive storybuddies that came out last Christmas.  We bought one for each of Jimmy's older brothers families last year, so we thought it would be fun for everyone to come over and watch it together.  Turned out that Norah got sick that day, so she, Maren and Will weren't able to make it - but all the other kids were.  And they loved it!!

Eli and Ben - loving the movie!

Most of the group - watching the movie!

 Katy LOVED it. She was so sad when Jingle couldn't find a home we thought she was going to start crying!  Now Jingle is in competition with Hello Kitty as her favorite toy!

Ben was also having fun with Willy - the real dog- and Jingle - the plush dog

Kenlie, Shellie and Emma (Shellie's niece from Houston - but she fit right in with the Carter family with that sweet red hair!)

After the movie was over, they broke out the Wii game.  Ben with the drums, Kenlie with the singing and Eli was the dancer.  It was pretty funny!  However, we cannot find the guitar...bummer!

But check out those SKILLS!!

It was quite the weekend with lots of fun, family and friends - pretty sure I was exhausted on Monday that I even convinced Jimmy to skip dance class to try to recover and get some sleep.  However, it was a great weekend with a lot to be thankful for.  A whole lot!!!!

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