Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving Part #1

Every year, our Thanksgiving celebrations start off early on Wednesday evening at Jimmy's parents house.  And every year, Sue makes the most delicious turkey, rolls, etc and everything is always so beautiful!!!!  Check out her table settings this year (check out last years here) beautiful!!

Everyone was very excited to eat - especially Libbie and Kenlie!

We were all stuffed but of course the night wasn't even halfway over.  There are always dance parties and ALWAYS hair salon.  This time - Kenlie was the main hairdresser and boy did she have fun doing my hair.  She cracks me up - freaking love that little girl.  So when I suggested that we get a picture of just how beautiful she made my hair (which every time she does it she always insists that we show Uncle Jimmy immediately and get his reaction...haha!), it turned into this.....a little photo shoot.

This is me trying to pull up Kenlie's pants and get rid of her plumber's crack.  Haha - if you have ever been around her, you know about this problem.  It's pretty funny.  

Oh - now you see my hair...lovely, isn't it!?

And then it was time for Kenlie's own photo shoot.  Haha - oh my goodness.  I hope my future children have half of the personality that she has.  She's so cute!

And then she tried to add Katy in the fun - which kind of worked!!

Nope - that wasn't the end of the night (it was quite the day...).  But it was my sister's 23rd birthday (if you remember) so we made sure to meet her and her friends out at 810 Zone on the plaza to watch the KU game and then to the GranFalloon.  It was very fun and I will say that Jimmy had a GREAT time with lots of shot...haha.

Lyndsay and her friends with a group shot!

Cheers to 23!

We had to get one last group picture at the end of the night with Jimmy and the Bruns girls....I look gross, but they look cute!

Thanksgiving number 1 was a success and we had lots more fun the rest of the weekend too....

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