Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 Christmas Cards!

All right- as it's 2 days before Christmas (can you BELIEVE that it's so close!!?), I'm going to do a few Christmas themed posts!  One on our cards and tomorrow on the decor -  mainly so I can keep up with what I've done the past few years.

As in years past, we went with as our print-on-demand choice for holiday cards.  They had some new and fun options to choose from this year and we went with a 2 picture front so we could use one of the professional family pictures that Jimmy's parents had taken this summer and then a quick self timer shot of our family in front of the Christmas tree!

Most all of the cards should have arrived at their respective homes yesterday - however, I do have 8 more that I am sending out today.  And then done - another Christmas card for the record. 

I have to say that getting the mail this time of year might be one of my favorite things!  I love seeing all the fun cards and pictures that come.  I even hung them up on our cabinets this year - will have to take a picture of that too.

Happy holidays to everyone!  Hope everyone takes full advantage of this time of year to be thankful for all that they are blessed with!!

Check out our Christmas cards from 2010 and a preview shot from 2009 too!

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